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Victoria: Investing In Morocco’s Future


In an area of outstanding natural beauty on Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, the emerging new city of Victoria is set to promote cultural diversity and twenty-first-century amenities. Situated near Casablanca, the flagship development project is an excellent complement to the west coast commercial hub and deep water Atlantic port. Once called the Barbary coast, this Saharan region is rich in French history, Moorish style and European art. Casablanca is also one of the largest financial centres in North Africa, as Morocco is a key participant in the Maghreb agreement that facilitates trade with its neighbours: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia.

The new city of Victoria will see a relatively sleepy and meagrely populated neighbourhood metamorphose into a lively and dynamic residential centre with improved opportunities for employment – yet in an environmentally sustainable way. A namesake of the upmarket London district, Canadian city and Zimbabwean waterfalls, the conurbation will boast impressive views over the nature reserve of the Bouskoura forest.

In 2014, the impressive project began with triple aims, to:

  • Promote an integrated and inclusive community for residents from various socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Enable working people to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Provide an investment and property development opportunity with healthy returns.

As the city of Victoria grows and blossoms, it is sure to benefit the Moroccan economy. One member of the founding board, Mazen Al Sawwaf, is keen to attract business to Victoria – especially tourism and shopping. In fact, the development represents an outstanding investment opportunity for those seeking a project that adds value to its surroundings while also delivering a profitable return.

Following an agreement with the government of Morocco, planners and urban designers dedicated a whole district of Victoria to the construction of no less than 3,200 affordable homes for residents, set in a pleasant living space. Worldwide, similar projects to improve housing conditions have fostered opportunities and reduced social inequality. In particular, the local economy will also benefit from the creation of new public infrastructure including improved road connections between Victoria, Casablanca, Mohammed V airport and Bouskoura.

In cooperation with the Moroccan government, a hands-on management team guides progress and oversees fruition of the project. Its board members meet regularly to ensure that the city grows in harmony with its surroundings. There are three main zones to Victoria:

  • Area A, close to the forest, with open grassed areas with picnic areas and nature trails.
  • Area B, featuring various shops, stores and public installations.
  • Area C, consisting of low-cost housing and spacious boulevards.

In total, Victoria, Morocco will extend to some 250 hectares including 450 villas and 17,400 residential apartments. Three schools will educate its children; additionally, the management team is negotiating a private international school for the area.

Finally, the project is forecast to complete this summer (2018). Notably, sales of land have now reached around three-quarters of the area available; project sales staff expect to finalise most sale transactions of the few remaining plots within the next month or two.