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Creating The Love Market: How To Build A Dating Website


When you build a dating website, you help your audience better connect and find love amongst one another. And, it’s a great way to obtain profits if you’re smart.

We give you a few tips on how to ensure that your website runs smoothly and properly.

Core Features.

One of the best ways to create your first dating website is by creating an MVP that has the most functionality. After that, you can upgrade it, based on the market feedback.

There are the main things that your dating site should have in order to attract new users:

  • Registration and Profile Creation
  • Communication Platform for Users
  • Searching and Matching
  • Monetization
  • Admin Functionality
  • Responsive
  • Security

On average, it will take you at least 3 days to create a website that has these features. To make the process easier, we suggest that you hire a web developer and tell them how you want the site to appear.

Find the Right Niche.

Today, there are too many large players that are within the online dating market (Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, and Match.com among them) that its virtually impossible to gain traffic in the general dating marketplace.

Because of this, you’ll have to create and market a site that suits your target audience. For example, Trek Passions is a niche dating site that helps lonely Star Trek fans find love. Understand that the narrower your focus, the more limited your income and audience will be.

Attract Your Customers.

Nobody wants to join a dating site that doesn’t have people actively on it. So you’ll want to have a strong marketing campaign that gives each of your users an incentive when they sign up.

Ask all of your acquaintances and friends to sign up on the site, and, if you have a subscription based business model, then offer discounts for the first 700 members that sign up on your site. Once your website is populated, then you can promote it through targeted ad campaigns on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Quality Control.

This doesn’t mean kicking off users who are unattractive. Online data sites must be prepared to deal with sexual harassment and other signs of online abuse, privacy concerns as well. Create a system that removes the abuser’s membership and flag users who demonstrate bad behavior.

Of course, you are unable to control what people do after they agree to go out on a date, so you should work with a lawyer to create a membership contract which protects you from any liability that occurs through the real results of your online dating site.

Create a Business Model.

Online dating sites can work on either a subscription based or an advertising model. If you’re planning to create a small website for quick profits, then pick a subscription based site. If you have a large following, then an advertising model is a great option.

However, when your customers are paying to use a site, they’ll have higher expectations. So don’t skip out on tools or services when you build a dating site.


When you have to build a dating website, make sure that you have your users in mind. Tailor to their needs, and build an interface that’s simple and easy for them to use. Ultimately, your website should help them find love that they’d never expected thanks to your innovative service!


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