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[ADV] Ekran System – Universal Solution Offering Real-Time User Activity Monitoring


As someone who has employees working for them, it’s important to create a professional environment, not only between the employees but also during the work they do on computers. One of the most efficient ways to monitor what employees are doing when accessing their work computer is through a user activity monitoring system.

Such a system allows you to keep a record of your employee’s tasks on the work computer, including the emails they send or receive, the websites they visit, etc. It also helps you determine whether or not an employee is being efficient during his or her working hours.

While there are numerous user activity systems available, not all of them are capable of offering you all of the features you might be looking for. To make things easier for you, one recommendation you should know about is the Ekran System.

What is the Ekran System?

You can describe the Ekran System as an efficient user activity monitoring solution. Not only does it offer the basics of user activity monitoring, but it also gives you access to more such as capturing on-screen activity in the form of typed commands, typed keystrokes, etc.

This solution is capable of capturing user sessions in a video format. Furthermore, it also provides you with accompanying meta-data which includes the active window title, the URLs that have been visited, names of the applications being accessed, and more.

The Ekran System solution is capable of performing reliable user activity monitoring on servers as well as workstations with local, RDP. It’s also able to perform terminal session recording for platforms such as Citrix and Widows. Linux servers get Telnet SSH session recordings.

Ekran System – Benefits.

One of the things that help the Ekran System solution to stand apart from similar monitoring tools is its universal functionality. This means that unlike software that’s ‘focused’ on tracking user activity (including solutions for only recording terminal server sessions or PC activity monitoring tools), the Ekran System offers you detailed user activity audit logs through a single Web-based console.

This versatility enables you to use a single tool (featuring cross-analytic options) to record RDP sessions and local user activity on end-points, Telnet SSH session monitoring and even terminal server user monitoring.

So, if you happen to use the Ekran System monitoring software, you’re providing yourself:

  • An integrated video format that’s simple to understand.
  • Network and Universal monitoring.
  • The ability to conduct multifactor searches.
  • The capability to receive corresponding reports.
  • Efficient Incident response tools.
  • A budget-friendly floating licensing

All of these benefits help make the Ekran System monitoring software one of the most reliable options available to businesses.

What Should You Use the Ekran System?

Such a monitoring system can offer aid in many of your business’ aspects to ensure your employees are being professional as well as for keeping important data safe.

You can use this monitoring system to:

  • Record any type of user activity on important servers.
  • Monitor the activity of an employee when using a work computer.
  • Control user privileges.
  • Track any work that makes use of important data and applications.
  • Monitor any third-party IT service provides that might be accessing your business’ infrastructure.

The Important Features.

  • Advanced Integrated Video Format.

The core of the Ekran System monitoring solution is made of an advanced indexed video format offering passive computer activity monitoring.

Why video recording? Well, it’s an efficient way to monitor and record any kind of user activity. It’s easy to understand and provides you with a very detailed roadmap in case a security incident occurs.

  • Monitoring in Real-Time.

This system enables you to monitor user activity in real time. If you detect any kind of dangerous activity, you can go ahead and quickly block the said user.

  • Record Filtering.

Going through the monitoring records of numerous employees can take up a lot of time. Filtering options in this system allow you to make monitoring more focused. For example, you can use the system to record certain URLs that might’ve been visited, private applications that might have been accessed, and more.

  • Protecting the Client.

The ‘Protected Mode’ enables you to prevent someone else from uninstalling the system, editing the records, etc.

  • Offline Monitoring.

The Ekran System is able to continue gathering monitoring data even if the network connection breaks through its offline mode. Once the connection is reestablished, the data will be sent to the specific server.

Wrapping It Up.

So, if you’ve been meaning to use an efficient user activity monitoring system for your business, Ekran System happens to be one worth considering.