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10 Highest Paying Internships In America In 2017


Some years back, the work of an intern mainly consisted of note taking and coffee errands. But these days interns are tasked with high-level engineering, Q&A sessions with company executives, and even engaging in marketing projects.

Unlike previous years where most internships were never paid, today some of the top companies in America are paying their interns salaries close to that of full employees of second tier companies. These companies include:

1. Yelp.

Every year, Yelp hosts about 150 interns and they pride themselves in having one of the most successful internship programs. The program consists of 3 terms with each term being 3 months long. Every intern program presents a new and thrilling challenge to the Yelp’s engineering team to integrate them into their team of 400 people.

After they are successfully integrated, the interns become an invaluable part of the team. They are tasked with different aspects of the company, with each aspect contributing to the overall growth of the company. The internship program accepts interns from different career paths, so you can apply your resume for the positions of web-designer, software developer, or product manager.

The typical salary of an intern is $ 6400.


At NVIDIA, an intern is treated like a normal employee; they attend company meetings and all other aspects of the company’s business. You also get to attend intern programs and activities where you get chance to network and build relationships.

Compared to the average game programmer salaries NVIDIA offers some of the highest wages and it boasts of a very successful internship program.

The typical salary of an intern is $ 5770.

3. VMware.

As an intern, you are tasked with the job of creating innovative solutions as well as solving complex problems. VMware is the best place for interns looking to challenge their thinking and plot a successful career path.

VMware offers a wide variety of opportunities that will not only help you learn from the industry leaders but will also help expand your network.

The average salary of an intern is $ 6080.

4. Microsoft.

If you are currently studying a software related course such as Electrical Engineering, Computer science, or computers engineering, then Microsoft is the place to be. It has one of the highest paying internships in America. Their internship program specifically targets sophomores and freshmen. It offers a rotational experience.

While here, interns get to undertake meaningful intern projects and there is a great diversity of teams. Intern events are not only amazing but also offer the chance to meet with world-renowned mentors.

The average salary of a Microsoft interns is $ 7100.

5. Facebook.

For two successful years, the Facebook intern program has been ranked as the top intern program on Glassdoor. Its open culture, real life opportunities for real impact and world-class mentors are some of the reasons why Facebook is highly ranked.

Interns who’ve had the chance to work here appreciate the amazing perks of the intern program. While here, you get free food, snacks, housing, transportation and a handsome remuneration. Interns are also paid for all the intern events they participate in.

The average salary of an intern is $8000.

6. Bloomberg L.P.

Those who’ve worked at Bloomberg L.P can tell you that the company allows for assimilation of its interns into their day-to-day work. Managers are tasked with giving the interns sound career advice and constructive feedback by engaging the interns in philanthropic events and work seminars.

You can also gain more insight by being integrated into Bloomberg’s culture. You also get to learn from world-renowned leaders and mentors as you continue with your internship. And if you perform exceptionally, you might get the chance to work at Bloomberg as a full-time employee.

The average salary of an intern is $6400.

7. Apple.

Apple is one the leading companies in the electronics industry, and as you would expect, interns are handsomely paid. Apple considers all its interns as a vital part of the development team.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a co-op during an academic year or a summer intern, Apple pays well. Apple also offers a wide variety of opportunities for learning. While here, you get an opportunity to work with supportive supervisors and teammates. You also get to experience the innovative culture exhibited at Apple.

The average salary of an intern is$6400.

8. Amazon.

Amazon is one of the highest paying internships in the US. It offers a fast-paced and innovative workplace, as well as ample opportunity for its interns to handle challenging and complex problems that could have an effect on Amazon customers.

The internship program offers a good way for the interns to gain experience from the various disciplines. It also helps to support and monitor the intern’s growth. Amazon also offers robust training programs, guided mentorship and experiential learning methods as part of the internship program.

The average salary of an intern is $6400.

9. Saleforce.

At Saleforce, graduates and interns get to handle real projects that have an effect on the day to day functioning of the business. This gives the interns an opportunity to participate in growing the company. And since Saleforce has offices in most parts of the world, it gives its interns a chance to work and collaborate with fellow interns on a global scale.

At Saleforce, interns get to undergo mentorship programs, job shadowing and talent development courses.

The average salary of an intern is $6450.

10. ExxonMobil.

At ExxonMobil, you get a to undertake a well-defined task where you will be trained by a committed ExxonMobil organizer. Every temporary job undertaking adds to the business and will give you a “taste” of a run of the typical beginning position inside ExxonMobil.

Entry-level positions shift incredibly in terms of duration and content. The different subjects cover all aspects and purposes of the designing and the financial expert work, which include safety studies, monitoring software, economic studies, examinations, and so on.

ExxonMobil is a great place to commence and develop your career. ExxonMobil focuses a lot on professional development and managerial skills.

The average monthly salary at ExxonMobil is $6507.

If you are looking for an internship, you can apply in one of these companies and start enjoying the perks of working for one of the best paying companies in the U.S.