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5 Reasons Why Javascript Frameworks Are Popular Among Tech Startups



by Saurabh Hooda, co-founder of Hackr.io 

JavaScript or JS as it is commonly known as a dynamic programming language. It is a high-level and prototype-based language, and along with HTML and CSS, it is one of the three core technologies of WWW (World Wide Web) Content production. JavaScript is majorly used to create interactive web pages and providing online programs, such as video games. A huge chunk of websites around the world use JavaScript, and almost all modern web browsers support it irrespective of plugins due to built-in JavaScript engine.

In today’s digital era, learning JavaScript is almost necessary if someone wishes to get into web development and proficiency and if someone plans to create a career as a front-end developer or wishes to use JavaScript for backend development. Moreover, JavaScript has also extended to the mobile application, desktop application, and game development domains. All things considered, JavaScript’s popularity has exploded and increased drastically. JavaScript was also named among the best programming languages to learn by IBM in 2017.  JavaScript is being used on both client and server sides and is filled with bucket loads of features.

What is a JavaScript Framework?

In simple terms, a JavaScript framework is an application framework which is coded in JavaScript. JavaScript Library offers the developers the option for the functions to be called by its primary code. On the other hand, a JavaScript Framework describes the complete application design. The Framework calls and uses the code instead of the developer calling the Framework. Below are the top JavaScript Frameworks that are being used by developers around the world.


Angular is a JavaScript Framework that is developed by Google. It enables the developers to reuse their code and build applications for any deployment target. Angular can be used for mobile, web, native mobile and native desktop. It allows the developers to quickly create features with declarative templates. It is being used by millions around the globe. Angular delivers the scalability and productivity that support Google’s largest and heavily used applications. It was first released in 2009 and has the highest contributors on GitHub among other top JavaScript Frameworks.

React JS.

React was developed by Facebook for internal use and employed on Facebook’s newsfeed before applying it to the Facebook Ads application. It was then released as an open-source framework for the developers around the world. It is easy to use and allows the developers to reuse and combine components for efficient usage and productivity boost. It even helps in SEO, unlike many other Frameworks. First released in 2013, with constant developments React is becoming popular among the developers drastically. For this reason, even learning React online seems to boost among the developers’ circle.


Released in 2012, Meteor is one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks, and it comes equipped with loads of features for back-end development, database management, business logic and front-end rendering. Ever since it was released a lot of feedback and developments has enabled its ecosystem to grow exponentially. Meteor covers all the phases of software development cycle and takes care of such glooming processes as linking, files concatenation and others

Why JavaScript Frameworks are used?


Frameworks allow developers to do more with less. In layman’s terms, Frameworks can convert your 100 lines of code in XYZ language to 10 lines of code in ABC language, making the work efficient and less time-consuming. Projects which took months and months to build and required an enormous number of lines of code can be completed swiftly using Frameworks with a set of well-structured prebuilt set of patterns and functions.

The Thrills of Speed.

Most of the JavaScript Frameworks that are available today boast of many features which may be uncommon. One feature which is common in all these is the mention of the Framework’s speed. The developers of these frameworks put a lot of work into ensuring that their frameworks are fast. Users expect accuracy with speed and JavaScript Frameworks provide just the same.

Lowering the Cost.

The cost of developing a web application is not a joke, and many developers have to back out due to the huge capital involved. Most of the top JavaScript Frameworks and free and open-source for the developers to use at their whim. Since the bulk of the application can be built using these frameworks, the final price of the web application is significantly lower than a web app developed without using frameworks.

Securing the Vault.

Security is the necessity when working on the digital front. Top JavaScript Frameworks invest heavily in security and have firm arrangements for the same. These companies are supported by large communities which helps them find and debug issues. These communities are filled with developers around the world with different experience zones which makes it a helpful exercise.

Tools are the Necessity.

Irrespective of the work someone does, tools speed up the work and make it easier. A hammer is better than a hand when beating a nail, similarly, a Framework is a set of tools which will make your life easier. Using Frameworks speeds up the process and lets you ease through the development phase.

There is a long list of JavaScript Frameworks that are available to the developers, and this only marks the beginning. JavaScript Frameworks are used and loved by Tech Start-ups around the world due to their ease of access, high security, speed and the ability to help the developers in almost every aspect of development.


saurabh hooda

Saurabh Hooda has worked globally for telecom and finance giants in various capacities. After working for a decade in Infosys and Sapient, he started his first startup, Lenro, to solve a hyperlocal book-sharing problem. He is interested in product, marketing, and analytics. His latest venture Hackr.io recommends the best Android tutorial and online programming courses for every programming language.