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6 Savvy Transportation Business Ideas



Transportation is big business and can help you make a lot of money. If you’re wondering  which area should you get started in, these tips are here to help.

Bicycle Rental.

In some areas, renting bicycles is actually a thriving business. The two major environments where it is natural to rent bikes are in cities and in recreational tourism. In the tourism areas, you can set up ship close to a resort or hotel where extended vacation stays provide ready customers. For this business, you will need a place for storing the rental bikes as well as a storefront.

A bicycle-sharing approach is yet another possibility when it comes to bike rentals like Boston’s Hubway. Bicycle stands situated around the city make it possible for riders to rent a bicycle in one location, ride to their preferred destination, and drop the bicycle off at a stand close to their destination. Hubway offers daily passes or monthly or annual membership. Perhaps it is time to introduce a mini version of this business in your town.

Limousine Service.

You can start offering a limo service either to celebrities or regular people. However, the focus here is on the limo service for “regular people”.

A clean reputation is obviously important whenever anyone entrusts you to drive them. In the case of a personal limo service, you will typically be driving a group of people that are not really paying attention to how you are driving or where you are going but are simply enjoying the ride. The driver should be a person you can trust and the vehicle should be properly maintained and safe.

You can actually operate the limo yourself and should not find it hard to maintain your fleet of one limousine. All the services can be provided by yourself, from the scheduling to the driving. If you wish to expand, add drivers and vehicles and continue with your marketing to keep business flowing.

Marine Shipping.

Boat transportation is a huge business and a huge one to start too. Marine shipping is often done by tankers full of containers that are lifted off the trailers of 18-wheelers and stacked on the ship. It requires knowledge of custom regulations in general as well as for specific merchandise. It generally involves international import/export business. Marine shipping might be the business for you if you are skilled in scheduling and coordination. However, you need to be ready to do lots of research, planning, and the need for considerable startup resources.

Bus Rentals – for school or play.

A school bus service can be the ideal starting point for those interested in beginning a transportation company. One of the great things about school bus transportation is the fact there there is no lack of work. The main thing to get right is the route, as you need to try and be as efficient as possible. A service such as Transfinder can help make this a reality, routing you in the most efficient manner.

Some businesses also offer rentals of buses for a different purpose – partying. An online search for Amarillo bus, for example, brings up a bus rental service for throwing parties or shuttling people to and from parties.

Medical Transport.

In the transportation arena, medical transport is an important business. You can focus on the business in several ways. Some require simply having a regular vehicle, a solid driving record, and a driver’s license. You can try focusing on the transportation of seniors to medical appointments locally, or you may focus on driving people long distances to specialist appointments at top-class facilities if you live in an area that is some distance from a city.

If you already have or are willing to get an EMT license or other medical credentials. You could start a business that contracts with hospitals to drive patients who are admitted to other facilities for specialized treatment. It would also require some specialty equipment such as oxygen delivery and probably a vehicle capable of transporting patients in wheelchairs.

Taxi Service.

Uber has staked its claim all over the world in spite of the initial controversy and claims of unfair competition. It is now in 65 countries and 400 cities. The attraction in Uber as a small-business opportunity is that you set your own schedule and are an independent contractor. If you wish to sign up as a driver, visit the official Uber website then click on the button labeled “Become a Driver”. The process starts with a short questionnaire.

Startup costs are relatively low since you will be using your own vehicle as a driver. Uber will handle all the financial aspects of the business. Driver payments are made on weekly basis. Since drivers are independent consultants, they are responsible for the overhead costs including insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. themselves. According to SherpaShare, a financial analytics website, Uber drivers everywhere (except for New York city with the highest rates) earn between $8.8 and $11 gross hourly before the deduction of Uber’s percentage.