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When An Entrepreneur Should And Should Not DIY



If you are a small business owner, it’s easy to make some mistakes regarding DIY work. On the one hand, a young entrepreneur might think that they must do everything possible on their own in order to save money and learn the ropes. However, this can backfire when the entrepreneur does something wrong, gets overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, or doesn’t leave themselves enough time and energy to directly build their business.

On the other hand, small business owners who too frequently outsource simple tasks will find themselves in financial trouble before they know it. Do you really need that regular local shipment professionally delivered, or can you do it with ten extra minutes on the way to the office? Do you need a representative to come in and set up a CMS that’s going to be used by 4 people, or can you figure out how to do it on your own with a couple of Youtube videos.

It’s important to find the balance between too much and too little when it comes to DIY work for your small business. We’ll help you identify what do do on your own and what to leave to the pros. It’ll help you save money, or save time, whichever is more important to you at the moment. These are just examples. Draw from them to fit your own experience.

Moving Office.

Moving office is one of the most inconvenient practical aspects of owning a business. If you are a small business it can be tempting to take a day or two to rent a truck and do it by yourself, with the help of a nearby employee or two. However, this is a day or two in which you won’t be able to devote yourself to the tasks that are essential to your company’s operations. Small moves performed by professional movers will have your new office up and running in just hours, getting your business back into the groove fast with minimal downtime.

Menial Tasks and Upkeep.

We start businesses to have success and gain independence, but it’s easy to start to grab at independence before you’ve really earned it. Why hire a professional cleaning company if your business is tiny? Change the toilet paper and plunge the toilet yourself. Don’t invest in luxuries that could be accomplished with little time or skill. Those costs add up and the services really don’t give you much on the other end.

In the early days of your business you may be able to handle the financial record-keeping, but at a certain point this is far better left to the professionals. What’s more this will keep you from making costly mistakes and will give you liability in the case that there is a problem not caused by yourself.

When it comes to creating a small business that lasts, we’ve all got to roll up our shirtsleeves sooner or later. However, it’s possible to do to much, or to avoid DIY at all costs. If this is you, your business will suffer, so find the right balance and carry on.

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