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[ADV] Day Rates For Carpenters In UK


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The day rates for carpenters in UK vary between £120 to £150, based on the nature of the job and level of skill. Carpenters in UK are in great demand, and skilled professionals make a good living in the second half of the career. Apart from the core skills, the carpenters need to master other allied skills to make themselves compatible with the changing interests of the market. For instance, a carpenter can also serve as a joiner when he learns flooring skills, and is able to work on wooden staircases, besides performing the ordinary tasks. The hourly rates for carpenters in UK varies according to the location of the company as well. Not all the regions need equal professional skills and expertise from these professionals. As a result, they often migrate to areas where they find better pay scales.

The reputed companies offer a starting salary of £15 an hour, which takes the average day rate to more than £120. This figure is applicable only for the salaried carpenters, working for different companies. After crossing the mid-career, carpenters often prefer to pursue an independent profession and come out of the companies. They establish their own profiles and utilize their contacts in the industries to get lucrative deals and contracts. These professionals can easily earn £20 an hour, which indicates that they make more than £160 a day. Evidently, the carpenters focus on their core skills as they proceed with their careers.

Allied skills that influence the salary of carpenters in UK.

A number of allied skills come into play while determining the salary of carpenters in UK. This is common, both for employees working under the companies and for individual carpenters. For instance, carpenters with skills in roofing are in great demand in the country. On an average, they earn as much as 32% more than the ordinary professionals. The average national salary of carpenters in UK is around £31,787. Considering these skills, they can easily escalate their salary to more than £40,000 a year. Individual carpenters earn even more than this, provided they possess all the core skills. By the time a carpenter spends 20 years in the industry, he becomes a master carpenter and can start his career as an individual professional. This is evident from the fact, that carpenters carrying more than 20 years of experience form 26% of the professionals, while those with experience between 10 to 19 years form 26%.

Other skills affecting the income of carpenters in UK.

Joiners are also in good demand in the country. They can earn around 13% more than the average income. Floor installers earn 7% more than ordinary carpenters. Again, the salary drops below the average in case they are not competent enough. Considering the average income of a carpenter to be around £12.44 a day, employees associated only with maintenance of the furniture get 3% lesser than the average. Apprentices earn 15% lower, while professionals in their mid-career can earn good wages, when they get associated with reputed companies.

After accumulating an experience of 10 years in the industry, a carpenter can bag opportunities in established companies and earn around £18 per hour. Evidently, it is important to master the core as well as allied skills. The carpenters may opt for individual careers to increase their income, provided they have enough contacts deep within the industry.