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Popular Reasons To Change Careers


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Career changes can be one of the easiest decisions to make and the most challenging to deal with. People make career changes every day and for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the reasons force a change and others encourage the change.

Today we examine why someone would make a drastic change to their source of income.

They Were Hurt on the Job.

Some folks experience work-related injuries that make doing their job difficult to do, or they no longer feel safe in that environment. Hand and leg injuries are some of the most common results of workplace accidents. Whether it’s having a piece of forklift equipment running over you or getting your finger/hand caught in a piece of machinery, it’s devastating to get hurt on the job. These are the type of injuries that force a person to switch careers, the ones that leave a person disabled or unable to perform their normal duties. It doesn’t mean they will never work again, they just need to find a new avenue for income and personal satisfaction.

If you are hurt, we recommend getting appropriate representation to ensure that you are compensated for damages and able to find work elsewhere. A lawyer, particularly a local one, knows the laws better than you and can argue your case more effectively. States and regions have different laws and court systems, so, for instance, you may need a personal injury lawyer in Bronx NY rather than a lawyer licensed in another state if the incident occurred there.

Lack of Income.

Many people choose a career with the intention of sticking with it for their entire lives. It’s something they are passionate about and it feels like it feeds their soul. Unfortunately, some of those jobs may result in a lack of income to fit your needs and lifestyle. It could be because a spouse has passed on and the job you are working is not going to support you and your family. It could be that the career doesn’t pay well in your area and you don’t want to move away from family.

It could be for a lot of reasons and money is important to help us have a home, vehicle, clothes on our backs, and food on the table. These are the moments in which people will return to school to get a degree, or just extra education, in order to take their career in a new direction and take care of their loved ones.

Left Feeling Unfulfilled.

Some people want their career choice to leave them feeling inspired and personally fulfilled. Teachers, social workers, drug counselors, and therapists often find themselves in this category. There is a sense of pride knowing you are helping others learn new things, learn to take care of themselves better and even give back to the community. Anyone can feel inspired and personally fulfilled in any job, even if it is just emptying some trashcans. However, when people don’t feel like they are contributing very much that can be the moment they do some serious soul searching to figure out how they want to spend their days and earn an income.

Changing careers is a noble stance to take when the job no longer serves its purpose for you. While the decision itself can be easy, making that change can leave people feeling overwhelmed and unsure of themselves. It’s important to remember that being scared or nervous about the change is okay. Making a list of why you are making this change can help you reverse any negative thinking you have about the situation.

If things get tough for a little bit, that’s okay too. Reminding yourself that you are a strong individual and perfectly capable of adapting is a big plus. Create some mantras to tell yourself each day to build up your self-esteem. Talk with a close friend so that you can vent and let them shower you with compliments. If you need this career change, you will be fine when you have the support of loved ones to guide you.