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Five Reasons Every CEO Should Give Back On Giving Tuesday And Beyond


by Alex Dastmalchi, philanthropist and CEO of Dastmalchi, LLC

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There is a spending frenzy that takes place every November, with people shopping for deals and collectively spending billions. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2017, a day to help make up for all the consumerism that we take part in and to think about others who may be less fortunate. Many business leaders are actively getting involved in the event as a way to help others, and in return good things come to their own businesses, too.

It’s important to give back to help others, and Giving Tuesday is a great day to get started doing it. It serves as a reminder to look beyond or ourselves and invest in the interest of those in our community. Every CEO should lead the way in participating in Giving Tuesday and in giving back all year long.

Giving Tuesday, which was started in 2012, is held each year following the big holiday spending days. It’s a day where people around the world join in and help charitable organizations in their community. They take part by giving gifts, making donations, or volunteering their time to assist with a charity’s needs. In 2015, there was $1.77 million raised online on Giving Tuesday, with 98 countries taking part. Both individuals and organizations can take part in the annual global giving movement.

I’m fully committed to the Giving Tuesday movement. My charity of choice this year is Corazón de Vida, a charity dedicated to helping the over 6,000 abandoned children living in the Northern Baja areas of Mexico. Since Mexico does not have the social programs to help care for these children, such as foster care or a welfare system, they are left to the care of underfunded orphanages. For over 20 years, Corazón de Vida has provided financial support to help care for the children by funding orphanages, providing quality-of-life improvement services, and investing in the children’s futures by funding their higher education. See more about how you can participate in their #GivingTuesdaycampaign here.

Here are five reasons why every CEO should give back to the charity of their choice on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year:

1. To do it for others.

The most important reason to give is to help others and put their needs first and foremost. There are plenty of charities out there that have great missions of doing good in the world, but they can only accomplish their mission through the help of those who support their efforts. Giving to charities helps change lives and makes your community and the world a better place. It’s an investment in your community.

2. To learn lessons.

Anytime you engage in helping others, you learn something and grow from it. We are often so busy with our careers and personal lives that we fail to stop and realize that not everyone has it so good. We always have something more to learn, whether we are giving back to help people, animals or the planet. Every time we give, we learn something new and we open our heart.

3. To improve public perception.

When giving, your main focus shouldn’t be on what you get in return, but there is a nice perk for CEOs who give. People appreciate a company that gives back to help charities. By giving and supporting charities, you will also be helping to improve your organization’s public perception and reputation. It may not be what you set out to do, but it’s certainly a nice perk.

4. To set an example.

CEOs are leaders in their business and field. When they make the commitment to give to charity, they are setting an example that others should follow. When people see them giving, they are more likely to want to follow suit. This is a great example of being the change you want to see.

5. Improve employee morale.

When a CEO helps a charity, the employees get a morale boost because they appreciate what their employer is doing to help others. Their employees are more likely to feel a connection and appreciation for their company because of the act of giving back.

No doubt, leadership is a big responsibility and with that responsibility comes opportunities to make the right choices. That is something for which CEOs should also be grateful.

We can help show that appreciation by giving back and helping others. Giving back throughout the year not only makes you feel good knowing you have helped make a difference, but it truly does help make the world a better place, one donation at a time.


Alex Dastmalchi

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Dastmalchi, LLC was started by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Alex Dastmalchi. While he was raised in war-torn Iran, he moved to America with a dream and vision, becoming an American citizen and a successful business owner. The Dastmalchi company has a portfolio of health, beauty, and lifestyle brands, and works with global companies to provide worldwide distribution.