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Intuition Is Your Personal GPS For Long-Term Satisfaction


by Jane Bernard, author of “Lucid Living: in The Virtual Age

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You know more than you realize. You can create change you need by using your five senses to sync with your 6th sense, intuition.

Take five seconds to really notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell and you will ground your reality. You might even get a little “nudge” because intuition is a grounding sense. It’s a direct portal to self-respect and the “gut feeling” is a signal to take action.

If you ignore what you sense, it feels like Life is just passing by. Not paying attention to what you may see, hear, taste, touch or smell leads to stress. In fact, everything you sense is a gift to open and use to make Life flow.

Intuition is your personal GPS. It helps you see ways things come together. What you automatically see, hear, taste, touch and smell connects the dots with the big picture. Using all six senses to stay clear about where you are in the big picture is called sensual thinking. It’s the key to happiness.

You can clear the air and find answers you need by using intuition like a lens to see, hear and sense what feels right. Simply taking a deep breath will connect you with your body and ground your reality. Intuition will always guide you towards actions that link with pride and purpose.

You are free to move, or stop, or change your mind. No one controls your thinking, but you.

To be your healthy weight or highest potential, takes self-respect. To have what you’re looking for, takes an open flexible attitude that starts with being true to what you sense. Intuitive thinking always points you to long-term personal satisfaction.

Healthy eating and healthy living need to be a spontaneous response to what’s real. You know what’s real by using your eyes, ears, heart and mind to tune-in to energy you can sense. Be kind to yourself. You are not limited by the past.

Hunger isn’t always physical. It can be emotional, social or psychological. Noticing what you sense can keep you clear about what you’re really hungry for. You may need some time to just chill or you may need protein.

It’s natural to take Life to a higher level by staying in touch with your automatic sensuality. Every choice you make matters. Change is constant. The future is yours to create. Be true to you.


jane bernard

Jane Bernard, author of “Lucid Living: in The Virtual Age” and other books, is a philosopher and educator who writes and teaches about intuition and sensual thinking. She has appeared on TV and international radio, talking from the intuitive perspective. Jane introduced her first book, “Fine Tuning” on The Montel Williams Show, in 2006.