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Business Traveling Can Require ESTA Visas – Here’s What You Need To Know


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Traveling is an integral part of business these days. Whether you travel to a new country to learn more about how they approach your field of work, or you’re bringing in fresh employees from another country, there’s always some form of traveling that occurs.

While in many situations people can come and go as they please, there are some exceptions such as gaining entry into the United States. Regardless of which side of the border you’re on, if you’re expecting people or waiting for a departure, it’s important to know that traveling to the US requires an ESTA visa.

ESTA definition.

The ESTA visa is a digital variation of a visa, which is needed in order to gain entry into the US. You can find more info at https://www.e-visa-usa.com/en/application.  If you’re traveling there as a foreigner by either air or water, you will absolutely need one of these. It’s a standard requirement but it’s also a very useful tool that will allow you to conduct your business in the US without requiring another type of visa.

Do you want to interview some people face to face before hiring them? Or do you want to give some foreign business associates a grand tour of your facilities? These scenarios and many more require an ESTA visa. These are great for any travel purpose that does not exceed 90 days, so you have plenty of time to take care of business. Once obtained, the ESTA visa is available and functional for two years, meaning that your business associates can come visit whenever they please in this time period.

ESTA tips.

Make sure to start early on your application. It’s extremely fast but you could be waiting up to 72 hours to find out whether your application was approved or rejected. Finding out in the last minute can be highly detrimental. Plan ahead and take time 72 hours prior to your departure to submit the application.

The application itself is submitted online and it is also filled out online. It will take approximately 10 minutes and it will cost a total of $14. It’s pretty cheap for a two-year pass into the US.

Speaking of passes, you need to have your file straight and be transparent about previous legal issues if there are any. Not being upfront about your past might revoke your ESTA and right to enter the US. While the ESTA visa entitles you to access the country, it’s the border officials that will put the final stamp on your case.

If your foreign associates are finding it difficult to fill out the form, you can do it for them. The ESTA application allows you to submit on behalf of other people, so just do it for them to get off easier.

Overall, the ESTA visa is a great tool because it allows people foreign to the US to visit and walk on US soil incredibly easy.