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The Outcome of Incorporating Strong Visuals In Your Marketing



The importance of a visual identity in marketing has always been understood. Going back to the earliest days of print advertising, companies always tried to utilize distinctive visual elements to help grab and retain the attention of viewers. With the advent of television, that ability expanded into video, enabling broader use of devices such as spokespersons, mascots, and jingles that included video in addition to audio.

After the rise of the Internet, there was actually a step backward in the use of video, because most viewers lacked sufficient internet speed to download anything more than photographs. In time, though, speed on both hard-wired and mobile networks reached levels that easily managed to supply video to the user.

That brings us to where we are today with the importance of video in the age of the Internet and social media advertising. Today’s users have to be engaged quickly. If you don’t grab their attention immediately, you won’t have another chance.

The ironic thing about the incredible proliferation of online video is that although anyone can make and post videos, most of them are not of good quality. Sure, the resolution is great and the sound might even be decent, but they’re blurry, shaky, or not properly framed. What ends up happening is that businesses post these low-quality videos expecting the same impact that better segments get, and then they act surprised when it doesn’t happen.

The key is not to just post any video, but to post a quality video. No matter how easy it may be to capture and even to edit video with your existing hardware, the fact is that the end product is much better if you hire a video production company. They’ll stage the shots more effectively, utilize light more appropriately, and capture sound at a far higher quality level.

Despite the power of video to attract and retain customers, we don’t need to forget about other areas of visual engagement. Photography is still very important. After all, not every potential interaction with a would-be customer will be long enough to show a video, so you need that carefully-selected photo or group of photos that will tell the right things about you quickly. Make sure you hire a professional company for photographs like J Knowles advertising photographer to ensure your photos are the highest quality.

Those photos don’t exist in a design vacuum. Whether it’s on social media, in print, or on your own website, your photographs need the proper aesthetic. Everything needs to tie together–colors, fonts, phrases, photos, videos, and links. Assembling it piecemeal isn’t effective. There must be a strong overall design strategy that makes for efficient, effective access by viewers.

So once they’re on board, are you finished? If a customer has perused a few product offerings or examined your upcoming events, have you succeeded in your mission? Not entirely. That initial engagement is great, but it’s incomplete. You want to convert those casual views into meaningful interactions that show up on your bottom line.

That’s what is known as the conversion rate, which simply reflects the relationship between how many people view your content and how many actually spend some money with you.

Building your conversion rate is essential to bringing in customers and generating revenue, and only when that happens has it been worthwhile to create great videos, incorporate relevant photos, and tie them all together in a well-designed website that directs visitors to a cart and a checkout.

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