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How To Effectively Use Merchandising To Boost Brand Recognition


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Successful merchandising and branding is the substantial growth driver of any business. Marketing techniques such as visual merchandising are an important way to build a strong brand and consumer association throughout the entire process.

Simple yet effective techniques, such as impactful cardboard displays and unique signage, are great ways to boost your brand recognition. Read on to find other effective ways to utilize merchandising to elevate your consumer’s experiences.

‘Merchandising an experience’.

A phrase coined by business executives to describe the merchandising of uniquely pleasing and personal shopping experiences, rather than simply marketing specific items. This form of merchandising is most evident in online shopping, where retailers present an array of highly customized product recommendations for each individual within seconds of logging on.

Creating an emotional and personal link through a merchandising experience is what drives growth and a loyal customer base.

If you’re looking for inspiration to elevate your brand recognition using this method, look no further than the success story of Starbucks coffee.  By carefully curating the same multi-sensory experience and ambiance in all of their stores, Starbucks created their own familiar brand to catapult into global culture.

Visual merchandising.

Cohesive and product relevant visual merchandising is key to boosting your brand recognition. When utilised correctly it can both draw customers in for a sale and increase brand loyalty. Nothing gets customers to shelves faster than clear and vibrant displays that show off the best of what products you  have to offer.

When the signage, lighting, color, packaging and presentation of your visual merchandising efforts come together, it enriches your brand and the customer experience. Therefore, extensive research needs to be undertaken to ensure that your visual merchandising efforts connect to your branding and target audience. Leveraging the in-store experience of your customers to highlight your brand,  is an important way of leaving a lasting impression.

Boost your consumer research.

Brands are owned in the minds of consumers. Investing in marketing and consumer research is therefore imperative to positioning your brand  in a way that will be most advantageous for your business. Focus groups are best for measuring brand awareness for new and existing businesses. For new businesses, a focus group or survey is a great way of seeing which colours or logos elicit the best reaction and engagement from your target audience.

Your brand position should be:

  • Purchase motivating
  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • Protectable over the medium-long term.

For more established businesses, brand research can be used periodically to track consumers perceptions and experience.Think of McDonald’s. What began as a cheap fast food outlet has now expanded into a restaurant experience with both healthy and cafe-style options.

Why? Because they conducted their research and noticed when their consumers preferences changed. Changing your brand to suit your consumer needs attracts broader audiences and ensures that you stay relevant!

Promotional merchandise.

Promotional merchandise one of the most popular methods of establishing a brand. If used correctly there are so many benefits to utilizing promotional merchandise. One major problem that new businesses face, is trying to make their brand name popular and memorable.

Paper advertisements and TV ads only run for so long. Promotional merchandising on useful everyday items, is a surefire way to gain on-going advertising. It is also a great way of building brand recognition and appealing to your target audience. Aiming your product at students? Time to put your logo on memory sticks.

The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population. Effective merchandising is the key to boosting your products success and keeping your business in the forefront of your audience’s mind. Following these simple tips is the first step to making your brand become part of global culture.

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