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Dr Paul Lubitz Of Art Of SKIN On Combining Your Calling With An Entrepreneurial Spirit


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There are several traits all entrepreneurs share, one of which is a desire to challenge the status quo.

Founder of Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Paul Lubitz, has this trait in spades. When starting out as a dermatologist, rather than joining an established practice in an urban area, he opted to venture forth on his own and establish his first private dermatology clinic in Edmonton, Alberta in 2003. Dr. Paul Lubitz’s current clinic, Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, located in the picturesque town of Canmore, Alberta, has given the population there the chance to receive specialized dermatological services that they previously would have had to travel to Calgary or beyond for.

At Art of SKIN, Dr. Lubitz feels that he can make a genuine difference in both the standard of patient care and in empowering patients by educating them on the importance of skin care.

He notes that he has always put a very high priority on patient knowledge and education. And in conceiving the idea of Art of SKIN, he wanted to make sure that the clinic would serve as a valuable informational resource for his patients, so that they could have the opportunity to learn more about proper skin care and the type of skin products and procedures they might choose to use in the future.

A licensed and accredited dermatologist, Dr. Paul Lubitz is Board Certified in Dermatology in both Canada and the United States and is considered an expert in the fields of medical dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and laser skin rejuvenation.

Following his formal residency training in Dermatology, Dr. Lubitz received additional training in cosmetic surgery and laser procedures from various international experts in the areas of dermatologic surgery, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology as a way to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the cosmetic procedures he currently performs.

Dr. Lubitz is eager to share the lessons he has learned on his journey with others who share his entrepreneurial spirit.

At Art of SKIN, what’s your approach to patient care?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: First and foremost, we want our patients to be well-informed about the treatment alternatives available to them. That can only happen when you take the time to really get to know each patient on an individual level and understand what their needs are and how we can specifically help them to be healthy and confident.

We‘ve adopted a low volume patient model for our practice, so that means we’re able to spend more quality time with each patient, both during assessment and during treatment. We know the time of our patients is valuable, so we want them to get the most from their appointments.

How would you describe the Art of SKIN’s facility and initially what inspired you to establish Art of SKIN?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: We’re nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, with gorgeous views from our windows. Inside, we have aimed to create the modern feel of a boutique spa, where patients can really relax and enjoy those views. Careful thought has been put into every aspect of our décor so our patients feel both comfortable and invigorated.

As far as the second question, it really was a mix of two things.  When I came to Canmore, I fell in love with the area and I wanted to establish roots here.  That was one source of inspiration.  The second source of inspiration was to create a clinic that truly served the dermatologic needs of the population.  I think that applies to other industries and entrepreneurs, generally.  If you’re building anything, make sure you are serving the needs of some sort of market.

When it comes to Art of SKIN, what is your practice’s “mission” – what are you trying to accomplish? Have your goals changed since this practice’s founding?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: In our mission statement, we mention the kind of dermatologic care we provide, namely state-of-the-art, professional, comprehensive and highly individualized. That’s the approach we take to patient care. We want to offer patients the most advanced treatment options available and the most complete, customized care we can provide. We also want them to feel comfortable and secure when they visit our facility.  So, to that end we treat patients in what we call a “boutique” setting, an inviting environment where they can fully relax. Those were our goals when we founded the practice, and I think we’ve been successful at meeting them.

How did you go about building your staff? What traits do you look for?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: If you look at the biographies of our team members, you’ll notice the traits all our staffers share. They’re all very experienced at what they do, and they’re all passionate about serving others. So, when I was building my staff, I was looking for caring, knowledgeable people. It goes beyond what they can offer to the practice, too. I’m always impressed by people who choose to spend their leisure time volunteering to help others. That tells me they’re going to bring that same attitude of service to providing our patients with quality results.

For those building new businesses and wondering how to best find staff and support, I suggest considering the accomplishments of potential staff both within and outside of the career environment.  What success stories do they have in their working careers?  And what have they done outside of their career?  Have they volunteered?  What kind of outside interests do they have?  These are also important questions to ask, particularly if you are building a small business where everyone works closely with one another.

What would you say is the single most influential factor in Art of SKIN’s success?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: There’s no doubt location has played a role in our success. There’s no other dermatology and dermasurgery practice in the Bow Valley region. In fact, I am the only dermatologist between Calgary to the east and Kelowna to the west, a distance of some 600 km. Still, I think the most influential factor in our success is that we really pride ourselves on educating and empowering our patients with knowledge, not just in regard to diagnosis but also to treatment options. In order to do that, we have to stay up to date ourselves on the latest trends and developments in skincare and technology so we can share that information with the patients we serve. I think they appreciate being armed with facts so they can make informed decisions that are right for them.