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The Importance Of Understanding Culture When Dealing With Global Business



The success of a company comes from its capacity to grow and attract new customers. As a new business owner, you will constantly be looking to new areas and markets to sell your products. Although there are many different markets out there that you can move into, knowing how to conduct your business in a new country is a vital part of the process. Understanding the culture and the customs involved is often as important as knowing how to market in those areas.

Here are some of the ways culture can influence your strategy:

Do Your Research.

Before you move into a new country or market, you need to have all the information available to you. The practices you use in your company and how you deal with suppliers may be different, and it is important that you find out if this is the case.

Take the time to look at other companies and see how they do business; you may even want to send a representative out to take a look and see what you need to know before you start.


Dealing with customers and suppliers is an important part of doing business. If you are dealing with people who speak your language, then you can create a working relationship that might not need any additional help or support. However, if you are dealing with countries where their first language is not the same as yours, then there will be differences in how you both communicate. If the language itself is the barrier, then try not to use translators as they can confuse. It is better to have someone with a knowledge of the language in your company.

Your Products.

Although you may have done your market research to find a gap for your business, there are other considerations you need to consider. Do your products comply with the countries local laws? Do they need to be adapted to use in different cultures? Even the packaging may need some tweaking to make it more suitable. Companies such as SmashBrand can help to redesign your products so that they are more attractive to your new audience. You might also see an opportunity for a new product that would suit the new market. Many companies have different brands and products in different areas of the world.


When you enter a new market, you want to advertise the fact that you are there. You need to remember though that there may be different laws or guidelines relating to an advertisement in other countries. For this reason, you will need to do your research and tailor your marketing accordingly. Having a separate team to work on the different countries can help to maintain continuity and speed up the process.

It might sound like a daunting task to move your company to a new country. However, many benefits will come from the additional custom and the opportunity to mix with new suppliers and customers in other countries.