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Packaging Design Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know


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A lot of small businesses focus their energy on digital marketing and engaging the customers directly that they often neglect the basics. Aside from having a good product, an important element to pay attention to is the packaging of that product. Packaging is the first line of branding and marketing that should never be taken lightly.

Effective packaging design and execution can make your product stand out. It can also induce confidence and be the start of a lasting relationship with the customers. These packaging design and execution tips will help any small business owner like yourself get started:

Stick with Honesty and Simplicity.

The two things that are crucially important when designing product packaging are honesty and simplicity. First of all, you want the packaging to remain truthful to the product and the user experience your small business intends to deliver.

There are already so many packaging designs that aren’t really that honest and we know that they no longer work on the market. You can’t let the packaging write checks that the actual product can’t cash. A good example is when the packaging for a chocolate bread product displays more chocolate than the customers will ever get from the product inside; this is a big NO.

You also want the packaging to be simple enough with its promises and key messages. Sure, customers will read details on the packaging at times, but the majority of your target market will only take a glance. You want the packaging to be clear and simple enough for those potential customers.

Invest in Quality.

The quality of your product packaging matters as much as the quality of your product. When the packaging is no longer in a good shape by the time your product hits the shelves, chances are you will suffer from poor sales performance sooner than later.

Fortunately, you have technology on your side. Product packaging materials have evolved so much over the last few years. When choosing a label for bottled products, for example, you can now use pressure sensitive labeling to ensure better print quality and maximum durability.

With quality packaging, you are also boosting your product’s (and brand’s) credibility in the eyes of potential customers. They will draw that conclusion that the product inside quality packaging is well-preserved almost instantly.

Consider the Shelf Impact.

Pay attention to a row of products in a supermarket and see if you can spot the products that stand out from the crowd. Larger corporations have long used unique and authentic packaging designs so that their products have a bigger shelf impact. Now, it is time for small businesses to utilize the same strategy and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Do a competitor research before moving forward with packaging design and make sure your products are packaged in an authentic and unique way. Use different colors, incorporate catchy design elements, and have a higher shelf impact to help increase sales.

These tips may be simple to implement, but they are tips that can help you design effective product packaging and gain a competitive advantage on the market. Use these tips to help your product stand out with the right packaging.

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