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5 AR Tools That Show The Potential Of Augmented Reality



With the growth of augmented reality in full swing, it’s only natural to expect more of these apps to hit the market in the months and years to come. While some people are already using augmented reality to their advantage, others are just now beginning to realize that they could improve their life in some way.

In the spirit of supporting this new and rapidly growing industry of virtual augmentation, we’ve rounded up 5 examples of augmented reality apps and tools that show significant potential for market share.

1. Plugon.

This interactive image sharing platform unites the power of ‘pin-it’ social marketing with interactive imagery. For your business, your school, your side project, and pretty much anything you can think of- this platform allows users to share their latest blog post (or newest product) in a way that allows users to look around in a way they’ve never done before.

2. Google Translate.

Many people don’t consider this an augmented reality app, but there is one feature in particular you should learn more about: the ability to take a photo of text and have the app translate it for you.

How cool is that? You never again have to worry about looking up a word, regardless of the language. This app can step in and do all the dirty work for you.

3. Amikasa.

Designing a room, from the style to the layout, is easier said than done. Even if you have some ideas of what you want to accomplish, you never actually know how things will look until your project is complete.

Fortunately, Amikasa is an augmented reality app that can change all this.

With the help of this technology, you can style and design any room without actually buying a piece of furniture. You have the ability to place 3D models of furniture into your space, giving you a clear idea of how it will look and which placement is best.

There will never be a replacement for physically setting a piece of furniture in your home, but this is the next best thing.

Tip: not only does this benefit the person who is buying the furniture, but it can work in favor of retailers by cutting back on the number of returns.

4. Wikitude World Browser.

When it comes to augmented reality technology, this is just about as good as it gets.

With the help of your smartphone’s camera, combined with a powerful virtual browser, you can obtain geographically-relevant information for many destinations throughout the world.

Thanks to partnerships with more than 3,500 content providers, you may be surprised at just how powerful Wikitude World Browser truly is. If you have never used this app, you have to give it a try. Even if you do so in your local area, you’ll fall in love in everything it can do for you.

5. Augmented Car Finder.

Have you ever lost your car in a parking lot or parking garage? Do you hate spending time walking aimlessly in circles, hoping to stumble upon your vehicle?

This augmented reality app can put your mind at ease. All you have to do is set your car’s location and then let the app takeover. When it’s time to return to your vehicle, you can use the visible marker to ensure that you never get lost. Not only are you supplied with directions, but your distance is included as well.


So, there you have it. These are not the only augmented reality apps that deserve your attention, but they are among the most popular. If you have the opportunity to experiment with one or more of these, you should definitely take a closer look

What are your thoughts on these augmented reality apps? Are there any others that you would add to this list? Share your personal favorites and thoughts in the comment section below.