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8 Tips To Make Your Website More Sticky


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A sticky website is one where visitors hang around because they love what you’ve got. When you’re just getting started it’s important to focus on your stickiness stats to help improve conversions and get your name to stand out in people’s minds.

Getting your bounce rate down to reasonable levels is one indicator that your stickiness is improving. If visitors are spending more time on your site, that’s generally a good sign too. Read more for quick tips to try out and see how they improve your bounce rate and total time spent on the site:

#1: Make It Easy On The Eyes.

Always experiment with new layouts and colors to see what your visitors are responding to. You can use custom design templates for businesses to get a head start on the process. These are great because you can quickly change them out to see what works best in a split test.

#2: Keep It Updated.

Keeping your website updated is one sure way to make people stick around and look for more content. It is easy for the average web user to determine they are on a website that is outdated and behind the times. Add new content regularly, and update old content as needed to keep it fresh.

#3: Make It Engaging.

Capturing the attention of your visitors is only the first step, to make your site truly sticky you have to engage them as well. After they get the information they came for, there needs to be a compelling reason for them to stay or they’ll be gone in a flash. Always think of what more you can add to a page in order to get them to click through to additional content.

#4: Keep It Simple.

Your site doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles in order to make people stay on it, in fact this can often have the opposite effect. Keep things simple and watch the time spent on your site grow and grow. Throw more and more attention into the content instead of what’s going on around the content.

#5: Make It Easy to Use.

Increasing the user-friendliness of your site is priority one when you want more stickiness. Users should be able to easily navigate your page and find what they’re looking for. If you add some UI buttons or graphics be sure they only make things easier for your visitor.

#6: Always Be Branding.

Branding is especially important when you are starting your business because you need to differentiate yourself from all the other companies out there. Your branding itself can help with the stickiness of your website if it is simple, engaging, and easy on the eyes as covered above.

#7: Provide Value for Free.

Always give your visitors tons of value and they’ll keep coming back for more each time you release a new piece of content. Not only will they look forward to your next update, they will scour your site for additional information and resources which helps keep them there and increases the likelihood of them becoming longtime customers.

#8: Apply the 80/20 Rule.

After your business has been around for several months you’ll have data to show you what’s working and what isn’t. Use the 80/20 rule and find the 20% of your pages that represent 80% of the good bounce rate and total time spent statistics. See what those pages have that the other pages don’t, and adjust future pages accordingly.