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[ADV] Setting Up Your Own Garage? Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Pit


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Whether you are setting up a garage as a business, or are somebody that likes to tinker with cars and other vehicles, there’s a lot to consider in getting started. While the equipment side of things may be easy enough to decide on, the layout of the garage itself can create a number of headaches for budding mechanics. And many feel that they have to install a pit on site, in order to allow access to the underside of vehicles.

However, this is not always possible, for a range of different reasons.

Why you Don’t Need a Pit.

The days of digging out a hole in the ground are fast fading, and many mechanics these days are opting for alternatives. Devices such as mobile column lifts allow access to the undercarriage of vehicles in the same way that a pit does, but with added advantages. For a start, there is the safety aspect – you no longer have to worry about tripping and falling into an exposed pit. Also, with their mobile nature, you can choose where to position the car, in order to get the best access. If it is a nice day out, you could even do it outside, if that took your fancy. Not to mention, you would experience a whole hell of a lot less back and neck strain, not having to climb in and out of a pit to service your vehicle (or a customer’s).

Speaking of safety, consider a garage floor snow mat if you’re located in cold climates.

Something to Suit All Garage Types.

It is understandable that there will be differences in garage requirements when it comes to lifting equipment. Differences in roof heights and general widths of the garage will always vary, but there is a massive range of different equipment available these days, to enable those with even the tightest of clearance to get on with the job. So really, it can be said that there is something to suit everybody, regardless of space requirements or budget.

You Won’t Want to Go Back.

If you have ever experienced working in a pit, you will know how claustrophobic and restrictive it is. It can be hard to see what you are doing, and space is always an issue. That is all before the back and neck ache sets in of course! If you ask any mechanic that has worked in both a pit situation, and with lifting equipment, they will all tell you that, after using these devices, they would never go back to working in a pit again. There is just so much more freedom and space to work using lifts, as well as far better lighting conditions.

So there you have it. If you decide to opt for lifting equipment over digging a pit for your garage, you will have made a wise investment. And, if you have already worked in a pit, prepare yourself for a whole new world, using lifting equipment. You won’t ever want to go back down into the pit again!