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Imagine Your Life Without A Smartphone


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Can you believe smartphones have only really been around for a little more than a decade? The iPhone was introduced in 2007 and is what really put the smart in smartphone. Of course, there was the Blackberry line of phones before that which were impressive at the time, but they had nowhere near the functionality of the phones that came later.

Most people have been attached to their smartphone for at least five years. Even those who held out initially against the transition from telephone to miniature pocket computer have been converted for the most part and now people of all ages and backgrounds can’t imagine their lives without a smartphone. Because they have become so important to our daily lives, it is important to make sure you protect your investment and personal helper. Products like iPhone X Plus Cases can ensure you never have to know what life without your smartphone would be like.


Smartphones have replaced so many standard business tools. You no longer need a computer and internet access to send or check your email, bank statement, Word file, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentation. You can read the latest white paper, hold a video conference call, send or pay invoices, and sign documents with nothing more than the miniature computer masquerading as a phone in your hand.

This has been a huge boom for workers in every field because it has allowed increased productivity at work, during commutes, and even when we are supposed to be relaxing. The push notifications ensure we never miss an important email, text, or social media update but they also have a tendency to distract us which is why there are now apps that will help us increase productivity and decrease our reliance on our smartphone by restricting when we can use them.


It can be difficult to know how to transition from leveraging your smartphone for optimal work performance and simply working too much. It is important to keep work and home time separate, even if you are using the same phone for both areas of your life. This will be especially important as smartphones become more integral in our home lives over the next several years.

This process has already begun with the increased adoption of the internet of things which has led to the development of smart homes. These smart homes are remarkable and allow much of our daily lives to be automated and controlled with our smartphones.

It is possible to turn on the lights with a tap of an app or check in on our pets and give them a treat while we are away. On the more practical side, smart locks free us from the hassle of fishing around for the right key and can be opened just by being in proximity to our smartphone. After all, while we may forget where our keys are at any given moment, most people know exactly where their smartphone is at all times as well as how much battery life is remaining.


As if work and managing our homes didn’t make us reliant enough on our smartphones, they also had to become our personal entertainment devices. You can watch videos, listen to music, read a book, or play a game without ever looking away from your smartphone.

If you prefer the company of others when it’s time to relax, your smartphone can assist you with that as well. Whether you enjoy wine tastings, blind dates, going to concerts, hiking the trails at the nearest national park, or purchasing tickets for the latest blockbuster movie – your smartphone has apps to make it happen.

It’s hard to imagine what life today would be like without our constant companion. For many of us it is difficult to even remember what life was like before we were attached so completely to our smartphones. What did we do when we were bored in a grocery line or when we were curious about the composition of stars at 3am? Did we talk to other people or wait until a library opened to find our answers? Both concepts seem almost entirely foreign and we haven’t even been using the technology for a full generation.