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Should A Young Entrepreneur Ever Indulge In Logo Designing Expenditure?



Lets look it from the pros angle. For some, the question doesn’t matter but for start-ups it is a big deal to tug of with.

A young entrepreneur once asked this question to his friend, owning a marketing agency, just to find out his immediate reaction & he was like” “how much does it cost to construct a house?”

Seems wise but real. The budget behind logo can be as lil as $5 or as hilly as more than half million dollars, even after hiring a top-of-the-line, full-blown branding and advertising agency.

But the bubbling question is that can young entrants afford such enormous agencies? Do they have adequate financial resources to invest in? Are they very sure that they wont fail?

The key is to gauge the pinpoint about your business logo standing within this enormous span of financial resources.

The answer lies within your business – current financial situation – from simple bank balance sacrifice into a logo, till your final brand development touches!

Let’s look at two active scenarios that we have picked right for you with one being your own situation, perhaps:

Early Movers & Bootstrapped.

You are standing on the edge of start with minimum money to spare so; to go for spending dollars doesn’t make sense at this moment of time.

Not to deject as opportunities are always sent down on earth. With number of effectual options, you can get a good number of logo derived out of platforms.

It All Depends On You.

Though both of the options represent ‘real early’ logo designing tools to select from, you can also go for Logonado logo design service, where all with just $49, you can get your dream logo right away!

No Point to Invest High.

The most early difficulty faced by young business bloods is the lack of familiarity about their own brand dynamics & future brand voice unfortunately, due to least interaction & time-run in developing it so, there’s no absolute point that could favor paying thousands of dollars to an XYZ agency to get a blur logo ! You are smart, we know.

Now you’re climbing and it’s Time to Scale.

You are gradually moving towards maturity stage after spending more than a year in business pool & might be by this time , your delicate business identity – with which you had started off – has revamped into somehow a stable brand and voice solidly built and defined.

You’re now earning revenue figures & plan is to invest it back into home savings or infrastructure. By the time, your company has surpassed the original logo — that created with your first limited money chunk – and you are now evolving as a game changer right?

Since, with such a balanced business state, your ‘ex’ & ‘now’ needs are fairly different that largely circle around surrounding the brand you’ve so meticulously built into your logo. Well, this doesn’t mean that you should ditch your founding logo completely.

Simply, be creative & with little tweak or reinvents, you can transform a compelling brand logo and later on go for website design based on the logo concept.

The Journey Is Still To Go.

Wow! by now you are not necessarily a billionaire, but comparatively a winning venture of your local market with visioning to hire a top-notch stationery & logo development agency to take your brand ahead that you have created after an year hard work or more . It’s time to invest & invest $5,000, $10,000. Or even higher!

Technical and friendly advice is that despite of being a millionaire business man, avoid at your best to invest in brand and logo development until you’ve achieved some vital early milestones.