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5 Easy Steps To Find Dropshipping Wholesalers


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Finding a great wholesale supplier is one of the crucial needs you must fill to enjoy substantial success with your dropshipping business. Why is this so? Even though you’re not directly involved in order fulfillment; your supplier does. They receive your orders, package them, and ship to your customers. They’re an important part of your online business. What happens when they fall short? You see, it’s critical you do your due diligence before signing up with wholesale suppliers for your drop-shipping business.

It’s important also to be aware of how to spot legitimate wholesalers from retailers pretending to be wholesalers. This is so because, it affords you the opportunity to get your supplies at a lower rate compared to dealing with middlemen.

Here’re some tips to help you identify legitimate wholesalers: You will have a hard time finding them with Google search, this is because they don’t sale to the public and hence suck with their online marketing efforts. You may also discover that they have crappy websites, this shouldn’t put you off.

Now you know how to identify true wholesale suppliers from ‘fakers’, it’s time to dive in and learn to how actually find them:

Contact Manufacturers of the Products You Intend Selling.

This is a great place to start your search, provided you’ve decided on the niche you want to focus on. Calling these manufacturers could yield a list of wholesalers and distributors signed up with them. They might even point out to you wholesalers offering dropshipping. How easy can it get?

Search on Google.

Another great resource to utilize is the search engine. You may want to allocate quite a chunk of your time to searching here. Most times, you will have to dig deeper into the results before you start seeing relevant results. However, try to vary your search terms during this process. For instance search “wholesalers + products”, “wholesaler + product + drop ship”, “product + drop ship”, etc.

“Steal” The Competitors’ Suppliers.

If these two approaches didn’t work, try to see who your competitors are using. Simply order from them and when the package arrives, look at the shipping slip most often than not, the return address is the contact of their supplier. Easy, pick up your phone and call them.

Go To Niche Trade Shows.

There’s nothing better than meeting these suppliers in person. Trade shows offers one a great avenue to meet suppliers. Here it’s much easier to develop personal relationships with them which will come in handy when you start doing business with them. It also gives both parties the opportunity to put face to the person they would be dealing with – which is also great.

Buy Wholesaler Directories.

These are large list of wholesalers compiled to make access to them easy. This is a super easy way of getting the contacts of wholesalers, however, you must ensure to carry out your due diligence on them before going forward with them.

Final Thoughts.

Wholesalers are an important part of your dropshipping business, hence a careful research is recommended before signing on with any of them. The steps outline above can get you in touch with wholesale suppliers for your business.


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