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Tips For SaaS Businesses To Up Their Game By Leveraging Web Push Notifications


Web push notifications

by Pravya Pravin,  product marketer at iZooto

In 2017, with 5X times faster growth than traditional software market, SaaS finds itself outrunning traditional software product delivery.

Cloud software model will account for 1 dollar for every $4.59 spent on traditional software by 2019. A mammoth decline in traditional software can be seen in the coming future.

Microsoft alone sees an annual growth of 70%. IDC research shows that the SaaS market will surpass $112.8 billion by 2019. The Transparency Market Research claims that in 2022, overall SaaS market will reach $164.29.

SaaS businesses have been booming and see a bright future ahead of them. It is so bright that growing is not just enough; being better than the competition is what really counts.

SaaS marketing is unlike other marketing. You are selling a software, which is constantly changing and evolving, to a specific audience, the B2B companies. The product might not even make sense to a consumer. Hence, it is critical to market it the right way. Direct marketing doesn’t work out often, so, to make the brand visible, you need other marketing efforts.

  • 86% of Saas business consider customer acquisition as their highest growth priority.
  • Retaining customers is 9X cheaper than acquiring new users
  • If a software company grows at 20% each year, there is a 92% chance of disappearing in a few years

Lead generation is one huge problem that the SaaS businesses face due to all the marketing hurdles surrounding it; from creating a brand image to making people understand what you are all about.

Most of the SaaS businesses fail to realise that it is important to engage and re-target the existing customers more than they spend money trying to build their subscriber base. For all you know you might be so caught up in bringing in new customers that you might loose the ones that already existed.

To build a loyal customer base, you should strive to nurture your current clients. The challenges that SaaS business face is that they find it difficult to engage users and re-target them encouraging a revisit to the website.

Website Push Notifications.

Web Push Notifications are a great tool for engaging and re-targeting. These are crisp updates sent in real time. They support multi channel, making it easier to reach the audience at the right time no matter what channel they are currently using. Amazing customization features makes them spam free and gives one relevant information each time, according to the client’s interest. Local time notification feature, for instance, triggers the user at appropriate timings, increasing the chances of the users visiting your site

Web Push Notifications are interactive messages that work seamlessly across Desktop (All OS) and Mobile (Android only). Supported by all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari, the adoption of web push technology has been rapid.

How the Power of Web Push Can Be Utilized.


Once users start using your software, you need to give them reasons to revisit your site. Give them amazing offers that they won’t be able to refuse. You could remind them that their trial is about to be over. Users often don’t keep track and such a reminder increases the chances of bringing the ball to your court. A special offer can double the chances for users clicking on the pay button. Notifications like ‘Your trial is about to expire. Upgrade to the Professional Plan today to get 10% OFF!’ can be sent to bring users back to your site and encourage them to upgrade.

Content Marketing.

As it is difficult to pool in users by directly selling the product, blogs play an important part to generate interest, inform, and showcase use cases and case studies. White papers and articles boost your brand image as a trustworthy software. You can send notifications like ‘HDFC got more than 10X CTR! Leveraging web push gave HDFC amazing results. Check out the case study!’

Product Updates.

Softwares keep upgrading with technological innovations. The users need to know when you release new products feature or if you have tweaked and updated your product. This keeps them in the loop and avoids confusion, giving them a seamless experience. This is something the user would want to know and voluntarily visit your site. Notifications like ‘Scheduling has never been so easy! Now schedule all your social messages in one click’ can update the users about what is new and make them want to explore the new feature.

Customer Feedback.

No feedback is bad feedback. It shows what you are doing right and where you went wrong. Customers feel appreciated when you ask for a feedback from them. Feedback can be as easy as a click or you can direct them to a detailed form on your site. Notifications like this can be sent – ‘We need your advice! Is there something that we can do better? Fill the feedback form to let us know.’

Events And Announcements.

Web push is apt for shout outs. You can inform the user according to their timezone and encourage them to visit your site to sign up or make a transaction. Offers on anniversaries or special events can attract the users to take the desired action. You can also inform the users about an upcoming webinar or a podcast by sending a notification like this – ‘ Webinar on the art of engaging mobile app users. Does your app have what it takes? Book your slot now to know how to engage better!’


These templates show how web push can be used to get outstanding results. Web push notifications have made it easier to not only engage users, but also to generate leads. It helps you personalize your communication by segmenting users and sending relevant updates. Website push also makes it possible to send out notifications to users who perform a particular action on your website to trigger a response. Check out some more features of web push notifications.  


pravya pravin

Pravya Pravin is a product marketer at iZooto. She strives to educate the world about Web Push Notifications and Progressive Web Apps. She has written numerous articles on various websites including mention.com and getflywheel. You can find some of her articles on the iZooto blog.