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4 Modern Tech Solutions That Can Increase Workplace Productivity


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Are you or your employees operating at peak productivity? According to new research, the answer is likely no. Data reported by Forbes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that productivity is falling. And there’s a variety of reasons, ranging from distractions like loud coworkers or inefficient tools. In today’s workplace, productivity has a new definition. No longer is it focused on zero-deficit proficiency or perfectly managed hours of the workday.

The modern business climate is based on innovation, adoption and progressing forward. Whether you’re managing a small team or a one man operation, these are the tools that can help entrepreneurs and their teams work more efficiently:

Collaborative Software.

Content collaboration software can change the way modern business teams operate, allowing employees to work together on an entirely new level through the ability to create, collaborate and share projects all in one place. With Atlassian’s Confluence, team members can easily publish, access and organize information in one location. And with team documentation, team knowledge can be captured, stored and grown, all on one single page. In addition to Confluence, Atlassian also offers other software services designed for developers and coders as well as tools for leaders.

Modems Engineered for Efficiency.

Reliable technology is the key to success in today’s fast-paced business climate. Without fast, secure connections, business operations can lag and fall behind. To ensure that your team has the tools that they need to succeed, take a look at your current lineup of tech tools, including cellular modems. When was the last time that you’ve had your modem replaced? Has it been awhile? It’s likely that a lot has changed. After all, technology is seemingly progressing at the speed of light nowadays. Qualcomm, a multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, is a leader in wireless telecommunications services and products. Consider investing in a device that features a Snapdragon cellular modem, which is designed to deliver never before seen wireless performance. This means fast internet speeds, reliable and crystal clear calls and long battery life that is engineered for efficiency.

Digital Recorders.

Yes, it’s true that iPhone and other smartphones have the capability to record, however, it’s likely that when your employees pick up their phones to press record and talk out a thought or idea they will get distracted, check their texts, calls and click into apps. A more efficient solution that still allows your team to vocally document their big ideas and thoughts is available. Digital recorders can capture fresh ideas as they strike without the distractions a smartphone possesses. Recorders can also be used in important business meetings and conferences so that the information can be played back at a later date, saving wasted time asking repetitive questions via email in attempts to find out what was covered at a specific point and time in the meeting.

Smart Thermostats.

At first, you may not think of today’s smart, learning thermostats as a tool that increase the productivity in your workplace. Well, it’s time to rethink the way you see these techy thermostats. According to recent studies, lower office temperatures have been linked to increased errors and less total output. A smart thermostat system like the Ecobee can not only keep the temperature at optimum levels, it can learn your preferences, heating and cooling the office accordingly throughout the business day. It also works with sensors that you can place in each room of your office space to manage cold and hot spots.

Productivity is falling across the board. Don’t let your business fall, too. Which tips will you implement to keep productivity at its best?