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Stay On The Right Side Of Your Clients


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Keeping a positive relationship between you and your clients is absolutely vital. If there are any issues here, you’re going to run into problems like bad reviews. You might not be too worried about bad reviews, but that’s probably because you’ve never had one that could kill your business. A one-star review stands out to potential new clients. In fact, research shows they’re more likely to pay attention to this than the five-star review.

So, how can we keep the relationship between you and your clients happy and healthy?

Stay Honest.

One of the worst things you can do that will immediately kill a relationship with a client is lie to them. There are plenty of different ways businesses lie to clients. Some engage in false advertising selling an item as one thing and offering them another. Others lie through small print. So, for instance, you might advertise one price, but the small print adds costs on that balloon the cost. So, when the customer finally gets the bills, they feel rather disgruntled and often betrayed.

You need to always be upfront with your clients and make sure they know exactly what you’re offering and at what price you’re selling.

Make Things Easy.

If you make things too difficult for your clients, they are going to quickly lose interest in your company and a key example of this would definitely be payments. Payments should be simple, they should be fast and most importantly clear. Customers should know exactly what they’re paying for and where each part of the bill comes from. That can be complicated if you have offered them multiple services or split the bill in various ways.

That’s why a very easy to use invoicing system is a real asset for a business owner and a client. The business owner will be able to type up simple invoices in minutes, and the client will be able to pay them instantly. If you keep everything neat and tidy here, you’re going to have a very happy customer.

Just Checking In.

You need to let clients know that you care about their opinion and how they feel about the service you have provided. That’s why you should check in on them on occasion and make sure they are happy with your company. You can do this online through email, or even through social media. It’s entirely up to you.

The key thing here is to make sure that your concern doesn’t come across as spam. If it does, then this could again leave a sour taste in their mouth. So, it’s advisable that you focus on their feedback rather than marketing another product at this interval.

They’re Always Right.

Finally, how you handle complaints from customers is always going to shape their perception. The old saying rings true here because a customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. So, if you can fix a problem that they have, you should do this, even if the issue wasn’t the fault of your business. The positive feedback from going the extra mile for the customer will always make up for any extra cost incurred.