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Three Simple Ways To Boost Workplace Happiness


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Good managers know that no matter how large or small a business, the most effective way to boost productivity amongst your staff is to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction and loyalty. Workers who are satisfied with their position will also stay longer in their jobs and become more valuable senior members of the team.

If your employee morale is dropping or if you want to kick-start your team with a little extra pep, then here are three simple ways you can grow goodwill in the workplace without any hefty costs.

1. Provide food and drink.

One survey of over 1200 employees in the US and UK found that 60 per cent of respondents thought having company-provided food in the office would make them feel more valued and appreciated, and a third said free snacks at an optional meeting would entice them to attend. Providing free food for your staff is little more than a rounding error compared to total operational costs, but it’s a powerful gesture to employees. When it comes to drinks, coffee is the most popular beverage in the workplace, and the stimulating effect of caffeine has a positive effect on staff productivity.

A coffee machine rental is a worthwhile investment for almost every office and will advance productivity, worker engagement and satisfaction. The days of instant coffee are long gone, and so, with 56% of employees enjoying access to a coffee machine, 72% of those people are happy with the hot beverages available at their offices. This popularity of the coffee means English tea cannot compete – only 22.5% now prefer a brew over a cup of coffee.

2. Establishing a fair work-life balance.

People are juggling more commitments now than ever before, with families, long commutes, loved ones and sometimes even a second job. Thanks to recent developments in technology, many people don’t have to be at their desk all day, every day, to get a full week’s work done. Offer the option of flexible start and finish times for staff with long commutes, and if possible, work-from-home strategies so they can take care of dependents and loved ones. Support your employees by ensuring they have the means to work from home or at different hours, such as company documents, and set measurable KPIs for your workers that they can achieve in the time they have available.

3. Create a comfortable space.

A well-designed office that is both welcoming and comfortable to be in, but also professional, will strike the right balance of comfort and productivity. Drab, uncomfortable workspaces will have your staff counting down the hours until it’s time to escape.

Firstly, make sure you have the basics, such as good lighting, ventilation and heating and cooling, so your staff will be comfortable at their desks. Don’t allow one staff member to rule the thermostat if you notice other employees find the workspace too hot or cold, and if something breaks, repair it straight away. A good workspace should also include an area where staff can be at ease, share lunch or have a brief catch-up over a cup of good coffee. Social interaction leads to tighter relationships in the workplace, more accountability and trust amongst staff members, and the sharing of advice and ideas.



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