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How To Get The Right CDN Service


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Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are pretty much standard for websites that want to be relevant anywhere beyond their zip code. The amount of utility and improvement that a CDN provider is able to add to a website’s functionality is amazing but there are a lot of solutions for CDNs. That’s not a bad thing since it’s always great to have a lot of options, but it’s useful to know which one is actually going to treat your website right. There are certain factors that you need to weigh in considerably before making the decision of getting a CDN provider.

Depending on what you choose, you are going to get a different experience obviously. Most CDN providers are going to do fine, but those fine details are what really matter in this sort of situation. So if you’re serious about managing that website make sure to turn into CDN wiki investigation mode.

So without delaying it any further, it’s time to see what you need to look at in a good CDN provider. If the one you’re eyeing has these characteristics, you might want to proceed with that one. Here we go, the top qualities of a CDN provider:

Loading speeds.

This is the bread and butter of any CDN provider. If your website isn’t able to load fast enough, it’s going to have a problem in the eyes of the potential millions of visitors waiting outside your virtual doorstep. Loading speeds of course refer to how quick the website can load since the moment that a user typed in that address and hit Enter. The faster you can make this happen, the better it’s going to be for your website’s popularity. People love everything snappy now. If something can go any faster than it already is, then it should.

Response times.

This is also another variety of bread and button that also pertain to the CDN list of characteristics that are essential. Basically, response times make sure that your website responds quickly to the requests that other user browsers make. Imagine someone standing in front of you. And you throw a paper ball at them. If they catch it just as it reaches them, it’s all good. But if it just hits them in the face as they stare blankly, only extending their hand to grab it moments later, that’s bad. You would probably be a little frustrated with the latter version as would internet users be with a website that doesn’t do or show them something when they request it.


The whole point of implementing CDN is to make sure that your website will function properly in faraway lands and distant places. If the CDN provider is able to give you an underwhelming experience that only extends your reach to the neighboring country, you should probably look for another provider.


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