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You Can Be Successful – But Only If You Stop Making Excuses


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No matter who we are in this world, life has tested us all in ways we hope to never relive. Everyone has been in our place: undertaking the same trials, pulling their hair over frustrations, and asking questions like, “What did I do to deserve this?”. It’s funny how we function and think because we can all relate to one another in those aspects!

Overcoming the hurls and punches of life isn’t easy or simple. Frankly, things never get easier – we just become wiser and stronger, better equipped to take on the next round of challenges and hits, like a boxer ready for the championship fight. But if you aren’t a boxer, think of life as the opponent you constantly must face.

However, because you face them so much, you gradually realize how to deal with their painful blows and celebrate the moments when you can finally breathe from the exhausting fight.

It’s all on us to create and build the life that we wholeheartedly desire. At the end of the day, can you say you put in all you had? The past is past, and all you have in front of you is the present moment and a thousand possibilities of the future. Knowing that responsibility, it prevents you from making an excuse and forcing yourself to step into the ring, doesn’t it?

1. Everyone has a story worth telling.

A situation may seem like the whole world to someone else, but it possesses very little significance or impact to our life. However, everyone is equal with their struggles – because we all have struggles to overcome. Even if you feel that nothing or too much has happened to you, you have a story worth telling this world because someone else will always understand and you hold an existence that can positively affect another person. Plus, it’s fun to tell stories.

The best moments of our lives will constantly happen throughout the entire time we are alive. You could have had a drug problem in college, and you’re still relapsing. Depression tore you apart for years and put you in a stagnate place. Social anxiety prevented you from visiting a new bookstore and making new friends. Whatever has happened, the past was only the beginning to what lies ahead.

2. Be utterly transparent and honest with yourself.

One of the toughest things to do in life is be confrontational, whether that be solving a sticky situation with a friend, voicing out what is uncomfortable, or even facing a harsh truth about yourself. By being honest with yourself, you leave no room for nonsense and will learn to settle for the things you actually deserve and want without any compromise.

3. Know that you deserve happiness, success, and contentment with your life.

This life is beautiful and meant to be worth living. If there is a truth to believe in, let it be the truth of knowing you deserve wonderful moments, genuine friends, endless self-confidence, long weekends of relaxation, and waking up happy every single day because you were given the gift of being alive. That is all.

4. There is no age limit or perfect moment to start doing what you love.

We can all admit that at some point or another, we wanted to wait for the “perfect moment” to start doing something out of fear or laziness. But the truth is, there is no set area of time that sets the stage – and there never will be. Every second of the day counts, no matter how many times we try to convince ourselves that we can take unnecessary breaks or denying obvious deadlines.

5. Victimizing yourself to the past traps you there.

Everyone has suffered. We are alike in that sense. However, it doesn’t make us better or more tragic than another. It’s easy to play the victim card considering all the feelings and experiences a person can endure And hey, maybe you have suffered a great loss, but it doesn’t make you special or entitled to anything. Focus on what you have right now, not on the losses that exist only in the past.

6. Take baby steps, and don’t beat yourself up about it.

Instant gratification is so common in the world today. We expect that life can just hand us our rewards and successes. But life will never work like that. It’s all a slow-process that is fundamentally made by the small steps we have taken to reach that point. Additionally, everyone has their own timeline of monumental successes, static months, and low points – like you. Avoid comparing yourself with others because there is nothing to compare in the first place.

7. Make short-term and long- terms – and keep yourself accountable!

Visualize yourself constantly completing your short and long-term goals. The positive effect of short-term goals is gratifying yourself with small building blocks that aide in putting together the bigger picture for your long-term goals. To have a lifetime of small and big successes motivates you to always set great standards while being realistic with expectations. Staying true to them is the other half of the battle.

8. Ultimately, be kind to yourself.

When was the last time you were sincerely kind to yourself? We expect so much out of ourselves and its so toxic pushing our limits to heights they genuinely cannot reach. You need positive and encouraging affirmations and self- talk to not only keep your head sane, but your heart at peace. Just because you work so hard, doesn’t mean you can never take a break to treat yourself, sleep, and eat.

In the end, succeeding is not only taking responsibility for yourself, but finding that middle-ground where you are healthily being both kind and firm with yourself. You have your list of of goals ready to be checked off, and hopefully you’re getting enough sleep. The next thing to ask yourself is this: “what can I do from here?”.


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