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How Your Health Impacts Your Business Success: Three Fundamentals To Obtain Clarity In Thinking


by Michael S. Melfi, author of The Simple Secrets of Being an Entrepreneur


Many studies have been done correlating how performance impacts success. There are those who subscribe to the fact that those with behaviors around a healthy mind and body are more likely to be successful.

So why and what can you do to take advantage of it?


When you take the time to rest the body there is a direct correlation to one’s ability to be creative and innovative. Getting rest is almost like a reset; a way to remove the body and prepare for the next series of challenges and obstacles.

Without rest over time the body will become run down. We have all played a video game at some point where a character in the game had some sort of energy level. This energy level is analogous to sleep research; if you allow the energy level to become completely depleted, your character in the game no longer can perform. The same happens when we deplete our sleep tank.

There are some great apps used to monitor your sleep patterns and give you feedback on whether or not you are successfully resting your body. These include, Jawbone, Beddit, Sleep Cycle, SleepBot and Sleep Time. There are more available, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. These tools allow you to optimally perform – remember, what you measure you improve upon.

Adequate sleep is the special ingredient often overlooked in business. A goal of 7-8 hours to recharge, restored, eliminate from memory negative events and preserve positive accomplishments, have all been shown to occur when sleep is not shortchanged. Your pillow can be a money machine

– Joel Kahn MD professor of cardiology, owner of GreenSpace Cafe and the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity

Healthy eating.

According to many doctors and scientists, healthy eating has tremendous effects on the body. In addition to vitality and other positive effects, one of the most important is an increase in energy. The more energy one has, the more that can be accomplished. One of the many side effects of increased energy is happiness, and it will often allow for abundance and joy.

There are many vantage points of what healthy eating means. For some it involves being organic, for others it is removal of certain foods from their diet, and for others it is a focus on caloric intake. Regardless of how you measure healthy eating, it is important to find something that works for you and to create the right habits in your life to allow you to stick with healthy eating.

Reduce stress.

As an entrepreneur there are many things you are faced with that create stress. It is very important to create outlets for reducing stress in your personal and professional life. By reducing stress on our bodies it will allow us to focus. With the ability to focus we are able to create results in alignment with our desired outcomes, which will lead to success.

For some, physical activity reduces stress and for others, it can be activities like reading or sailing, and yet for others they find peace and tranquility through meditation or yoga. The point is, regardless of your choice for reducing stress, it is important to do this as long as the stress is present, or there is no time or success.

How many people focus on success based on how hard they work, or the number of things they check off a list, to really obtain a competitive advantage? It is an inner focus to win health and well-being that can create a unique opportunity for growth and success.

How to reduce stress and allow your mind to rest … Get a pen and paper. Make a list of all the things heavy on your mind. This can be called monkey mind…as your mind jumps around from thought to thought, worry to worry, and to do list items you can get in a reel of thoughts that seems never ending and anxiety inducing. By putting all that is on your mind onto paper you create space for calmness to reside.

– Marisa Ramsier BS, MBA, Yoga Instructor and Cycling Instructor at Lifetime Fitness



Michael S. Melfi, J.D., MBA, is an attorney with Bodman PLC who represents emerging companies and established businesses in a wide array of technology and corporate matters. He has extensive experience mentoring, counseling, and securing funding for entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, and small businesses and their disruptive technologies. He is author of “The Simple Secrets of Intellectual Property“, “The Simple Secrets of Being an Entrepreneur“, “The Simple Secrets of Social Media“, and “The Simple Secrets of Crowdfunding“.


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