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You Don’t Need More Traffic


by Anthony Bergs, project manager at writers per hour


You don’t need more traffic; you need to increase conversion. And this is how you can do it.

If your website is getting 100 visitors a day and you don’t get enough sales inquiries or leads, it is the time to rethink your online marketing strategy. In pursuit of getting more traffic, you may spend thousands of dollars on PPC ads or write numerous blogs. While it may get you more traffic, social media likes or comments, it won’t help you achieve the real business or marketing goals. Focusing your marketing campaign on generating more traffic may lead you to a situation where you have tons of traffic, lots of likes, comments or shares but few sales and loyal customers.

Thus, start paying attention to following two parameters and take appropriate action to improve conversion rate.

1. Percentage of New Sessions.

I have seen many cases where the proportion of new visitors is as much as 95%. That broadly means that only 5% of the visitors are repeat users, remaining 95% never visit the site again. According to many surveys, almost 70% of the visitors never come again for a majority of the website. Rarely a user will visit your site for the first time and become your customer. Thus, you have to ensure that the website visitors come back again and again.


Publish Great Content.

Epic content is a must to improve user retention rate. Your content must help your users in one way or the other. You can read this blog to evaluate the quality your content and how to fix common issues that annoy users.

Exit Intent Pop-ups.

You may or may not like pop-ups, but you can’t ignore them if you are serious about improving the conversion rate of your website. Recently, Google has warned webmasters against using pop-ups that hamper user experience, especially for mobile users. Exit intent pop-ups are displayed on users’ screen only when they take the cursor to close the tab or open a new tab (the tool senses that users are about to leave the site and hence display the pop up before they exit). Thus, using this kind of pop-ups is an excellent way to capture email of visitors without hampering their experience on your website. In future, you can notify subscribers about your new blog and improve retention rate.

Push Notifications.

You can also use push notifications to notify subscribed users about new content on the website. The only disadvantage of this is that the users must be online at the time of sending notifications. To take maximum advantage of push notifications, you should have a fair understanding of when your users are most likely to be online.

2. Bounce Rate.

It is a well know fact that high bounce rate is not good either for search engine ranking of your site or overall business. If your bounce rate is greater than 30-35%, use following strategies to contain it:

Irresistible Offer.

Provide a compelling offer or incentive to users to check out a page or subscribe to your email list. The offer must serve the dual purpose: it should be related to your business, and it must add immense value to the users. Also, you must communicate the benefits clearly to gain the trust of users. Thus, it must not be vaguely informed.

Call to Action Copy.

Forget call-to-action texts like “Buy Not” or “Subscribe Now.”  Write texts that communicate a particular message in the context of users’ business or goals. In the following screenshot, check the content of an exit intent pop up. It communicates the value of the e-book explicitly.

Check this example on how a call to action copy “See Plans and Pricing” helped the company increase its conversion by 200 percent.

call to action example

The point is to be creative in whatever you write. Don’t just go by the rules. Change the rules of the game to get noticed on an overcrowded internet ecosystem.

Bottom line.

For a sound customer acquisition strategy, the story doesn’t end with capturing the email id of site visitors or generating a sales inquiry. In fact, the real story begins with it. You need to apply your creativity to keep attracting these visitors and increase customer lifetime value to get maximum advantage of your marketing efforts. The steps discussed above are the tip of an iceberg that helps you get started in a right direction.
Stay tuned for more exciting tips that can help you generate more sales in fewer efforts.


anthony bergs

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at writers per hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.