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3 Reasons Why Young Companies Need To Train In Cybersecurity



As the threat of cyberattacks grows, training in safe internet use and responding to external threats is vital for all IT workers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking cybercrimes only happen to large corporations. Small firms and start-ups like yours can be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than their larger rivals because they often have fewer security measures.

For the following reasons and many more, your IT employees need comprehensive cybersecurity training.

Cyberattacks Are a Serious Threat.

It’s easy to downplay the threat of a cybersecurity breach — until you’re under attack. The statistics don’t lie. Last year, cybersecurity breaches cost businesses around the world $400 billion. The threat is growing, with cybersecurity attacks expected to cost global businesses $2.1 trillion a year by 2019.

The toll on individual businesses is huge, with an average cyberattack in the United States costing $6.5 million. It’s not just Fortune 500 companies the cybercrims gun for either. For example, more than a third of spear phishing attacks target small businesses. When businesses like yours are in the firing line, can you really afford for your IT workers to be unprepared?

Without Proper Training, Your Company Could Break the Law.

Cybersecurity training doesn’t just protect your company from external threats. It can also make sure your business works within federal laws.

Businesses that fall under the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999), the Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 must all have some degree of security awareness training by law. These include financial institutions and advisors, payment solutions, and medical clinics. If your business falls under one of these categories and your IT workers aren’t adequately trained, you could face prosecution.

Your IT Workers Can Study Online.

Two of the biggest barriers to any kind of training are a lack of knowledge and time. However, with a wealth of online cybersecurity training programs, getting your IT workers the training they need couldn’t be easier.

It’s always easier to impart the knowledge you have to your workforce. However, chances are your own understanding of cybersecurity practices is limited. Outsourcing your training is an ideal solution because it makes sure your IT workers get comprehensive training in the latest cybersecurity threats and processes. That up-to-date information is crucial because the cybersecurity landscape constantly changes. While once the most prevalent type of cybersecurity attack, spam and phishing emails are actually decreasing. In turn, social media scams are becoming more prevalent. Cybersecurity educators tailor their courses to ensure students receive the most relevant information at all times.

Many education providers, including Pluralsight and Cybrary, offer online courses that give workers greater flexibility. Some courses are completed in as little as an hour. Your IT workers will learn about things like OIDC vs SAML and other essential security protocols. This knowledge will then benefit your business.

You rely on your IT workers to keep your systems running, so it’s vital they know how to protect them and how to handle a cyber-threat. Only comprehensive training will give them the expertise they need to succeed in a world where company data is increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime.


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