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4 Creative Ways To Upcycle Pallets


wooden pallet

Pallets are an effective way of transporting goods, like food and heavy objects. They are an integral part of the supply chain, giving customers peace of mind as they are able to track their orders. However, pallets can be used for more than transportation. There is the potential for creativity, as pallets can be upcycled and used for DIY projects. This has the advantage of being environmentally sustainable because standard pallets are made from wood.

Here are four creative ways to upcycle pallets:

Wine Rack.

Building a wine rack out of a pallet is easy, and can be made in an hour and a half depending on the tools. Start by using a hand saw to cut into the indent of the pallet where forklifts go. The height of the wine rack will be around 16-17 tall depending on where you cut it. Cut two boards from the centre of the pallet to use for the bottom of the rack.

Next, you’ll need three smaller pieces to separate the boards that hold the wine together. You can get these by cutting up the larger section of pallet that the boards are nailed to. Drill holes into the board for the glasses, screw the boards together and hang the rack up to admire.

Storage Chest.

A great addition to any room, a storage chest can be made by using two pallets. Deconstruct the pallets using a crowbar and create the frame and side panels. Screw the panels to the frame and attach thinner pieces of wood on top to create the edges. Use plywood for the bottom of the trunk and use nails to hold it down. Add the lid on top and you have a chest that’s ready to store all your valuables.

Coffee Table.

To make a coffee table for your living room, start by breaking the pallet into individual boards. Use a circular saw to cut a section of plywood down to the size you want the coffee table to be. Attach three pallet boards to the plywood tabletop with an SDS drill and screw. After nailing down the boards, drill holes for the legs and then attach them. Flip the table over and sand away any rough edges.

Flower bed.

To get your pallet ready for the garden, start by placing it on a tabletop and lay down landscape fabric to cover the back and bottom. Secure it with nails by adding a strip of thin plywood. Turn the pallet over and fill it with good quality soil. Then, tilt it vertically so the soil can settle and then add the plants. Once all the plants are in position, mount the pallet between the two brackets secured to the house.

Using pallets for DIY projects is a great way to flex your creative muscles. You can get all the material you need from a reliable pallet courier who’ll deliver pallets directly to your doorstep. Once you start creating, the sky is truly the limit.