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How To Thrive As An SEO Startup In 2017


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There are many SEO businesses out there today. Some are huge, some are small, but many are successful. If you’re thinking of starting an SEO startup in 2017, you need to make sure you’re going to thrive amongst the sea of other businesses doing the same thing as you.

Here’s how:

Stay Ahead Of Developments In The Industry.

It’s crucial you’re prepared to stay ahead of developments in the industry if you’re going to thrive as an SEO startup. There are thousands of people trying to do exactly what you’re doing, so it’s your job to know more, learn more, and stay up to date. Things change in any industry, but SEO is one industry where the changes are more frequent. There are constant updates that can completely change campaigns and have all kinds of effects on the way people search/find businesses. By staying ahead of developments you’ll be able to offer the best advice and service possible.

Laser Focus On The User.

A laser focus on the user is a must in 2017. Years ago, it used to be about trying outsmart the search engines, almost trick them into ranking a site or doing what you wanted them to do. When you focus on the user rather than the search engine, you offer a genuine, valuable experience. Focus on the user with the design, content, words chosen, and so on. You’ll gain more traffic, more referrals, more clients…the list goes on. When you show the user that you’re all about them, it makes a huge difference.

Go The Extra Mile For Your Clients.

As well as laser focus on the user, going the extra mile for clients will make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to share your expertise with them. Become somebody they come to for advice and information. If you’re too precious about what you know, your business won’t thrive nearly as much. Having a brilliant customer service process is important too. People want to ensure they have the best experience with you, and that means the entire experience, from your starting communications with them onwards. When you know your service is worth it, you’ll feel confident pricing it how you like. If you’re wondering how much to charge for SEO, this will depend on things like the software you are using, how much time you’re spending on a client’s strategy, how much profit you want to make, whether you are outsourcing, and so on.

Be On Top Form On Social Media.

You’ll know that social media is one of the best ways to gain clients, build a relationship with clients, and experience many other benefits. Make sure you’re on top form with yours so you stand out. Post consistently, post quality content, and get somebody else to take care of it if you haven’t got time. Hire a social media manager. It’ll be worth it!

Thriving as an SEO startup in 2017 is totally possible. Use the pointers here and you should experience great success.