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[ADV] Always Select A SEO Service With An Honest Outlook


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Search Engine Optimization is not a linear task, so to say. It does not follow the usual flowchart one would pursue with traditional marketing methods, such as in print, radio, banners, or TV advertising. In all these other mediums, the sponsor pays a certain designated amount for the desired results displayed within the assigned time frame.

Say, you want to run a TV advert. What would be your direction of action? You would be hiring professional services to develop the ad, and then proceed with buying display slots with the broadcasting service. They would show the ad on assigned slots according to the contract.

To start with.

It is nothing like that in SEO due to the exclusive organic nature of the internet. The primary course of action is still similar as one must hire professional services, but in all fairness, there is absolutely no possible guarantee on displaying your site in the first page of search engine, just because you are paying for it. Even in the so-called paid variation of digital promotions, the PPC, there is still no guarantee of the advert displaying exclusively over the organic search results.

Dedicated professionals would be still trying to set your ad in a manner conforming to the PPC algorithm, and despite their best efforts the ad may not show up with the organic results. Essentially, your best bet is to understand how SEO works, in its granular details, and use this knowledge to find a qualified Toronto SEO service, quite up to the task.

Why so unpredictable?

The natural question that arises here is why it is so unpredictable. There are several reasons for that actually, and is not possible to explain in detail over the limited space of this post. Nevertheless, follow the points below for a general interpretation of the intrigue.

  1. The internet is organic, which means that it is dependent more on natural user participation than any effort of artificially manipulating this participation. In other words, an end user experiences extensive control over the experiences to choose or discard over the internet.
  2. The search engines are obliged to respect this integral naturalness because they are also websites depending on the natural participation of users. A search engine must necessarily deliver accurate, readable, resourceful, and right information at the first page because the viewer can always search for better options if the results are unsatisfactory.
  3. To maintain this dynamicity, an engine such as Google employs a complex multilayered scanning method for sites by automated programs called bots assigning relative ranks on websites depending on a set of quality parameters integrated in its programming. This in itself is a mammoth task because there are millions of websites already, and the internet is expanding constantly as well.
  4. Making matters further complex, the algorithms are extremely flexible (liable to major changes anytime) and downright ambiguous (Google maintains very low-key publicity even for major changes in their policies).
  5. A professional SEO service has the experience in how these things work and they would employ a huge array of various actions to promote the relative ranking of your site. These include content development, social media promotions, bookmarking, back links, and a host of other things.

Before selecting a suitable Toronto SEO service, always make sure that the company does not make impractical claims like making your site rank in the first page within a month. Such things are simply not possible as experienced professionals need to provide dedicated efforts for at least three months before a service finally begins to show up somewhere within the legible limits of Google.


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