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Why Bother Blogging? Here’s Why, And What It Really Does For Your Business



There are many articles on blogging doing the rounds, many involving how it works with startups and how it may do wonders for your business, but what does it actually do? Is it even a handy tool to begin with? And surely it’s the same as a newsletter, just in a different format! It’s hard to argue with these questions, as I’m sure everyone has had the same thought about blogs at some point, but blogs are big business now. But blogs aren’t just a nice few posts on what your business has been up to recently, with an embarrassing business selfie located at the bottom, they are so much more.

If you’re looking to start a blog to support your startup, here are the reasons why:

Blogs Help You To Drive Traffic Towards Your Website.

Do you want more people to go to your website? Of course you do! Social media, search engines and blogs are the way to get this done. Every time you do a blog post, it becomes another page on your website, so it is another chance for you to show up in search engines to get the traffic to your site. Search engines need to know that you are active, and if you’re not, you will go right down the rankings. Blogging will help you get found via the social media channels, as people can share it via the usual social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. This is getting your business to another audience that has not heard of your business.

Blog content is also a great way to keep your social media presence alive, having guest bloggers from other content providers is a way to bring other audiences to you and it saves you the hassle of having to come up with a new blog post once or twice a week. You only have to look at https://www.guestposttracker.com/ to see the amount of sites that accept guest posts!

Blogs Turns Traffic Into Leads.

Every new post is a way to get leads, and the simple way to get these leads is to have a call-to-action form on every blog post. These are usually just a box at the bottom where you fill in a name or email address and tends to lead to things like free ebooks, webinars, free trials etc. The process is basically, somebody comes to your website, they see a call-to-action for a free offer and then clicks on the call-to-action which takes them to a landing page where they fill out a form with their information.

The Leads Become Long-Term Results.

Because blogging accrues data over time, even after the post has died down, it makes appearances in search engines and can net you more and more traffic. If you write what is called a compounding post, i.e. a post that has content that is appealing to a wide range of people, it has the potential to snowball and drive the traffic back to your website. So spending one hour writing a small blog can lead to a lot of traffic and revenue for your business via the leads!


  1. It seems like with the insurgence of content marketing as a promotional tool, a company would be crazy not to have a blog that they post to regularly.


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