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7 Reasons Every Startup Should Use A Booking Software


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Whether you’re planning to launch a startup soon or the dream has already begun to materialize into a busy endeavour, chances are you’ve considered upgrading or adding to your current software toolbox. Most of us already use some sort of calendar or scheduling app to keep our busy lives organized, but what about a booking software or service that will help your clients book their own appointments and service dates online?

Here are seven reasons every startup should consider using a booking software whenever applicable:

1. You’ll Probably Have Appointments and/or Deadlines to Meet.

Regardless of industry or niche, most businesses have clients and customers to appease, and that typically involves adhering to a schedule, fulfilling appointments, and meeting goals and deadlines. An online scheduling software helps you meet those time-sensitive obligations while also making it easier for prospective clients to schedule their own interaction with your team members.

2. Keeping Track of Everything Manually is an Inefficient Hassle.

Sure, you could use the old-fashioned method of simply setting up appointments over the phone and jotting them down in a notepad, but why would you do that when it’s so clearly inferior to booking software in so many ways? For one, you’d have to scan and print a new version of the schedule every time it’s updated in order to keep employees in the loop. Keeping everything in a centralized online interface is by far the best route to take.

3. Completing a Larger Volume of Work.

When you’re overloaded with commitments, there’s no better way to accommodate an increasingly busy work schedule than to book everything well in advance within a detailed scheduling application.

4. Keeping the Launch Momentum Going.

Oftentimes a startup will fail because it’s unable to live up to the hype and initial momentum generated by pre-launch marketing efforts. With a booking and scheduling platform you’ll be in a better position to see the company meet its full potential.

5. The Ability to Operate at True Capacity.

Operating at true capacity should be a primary goal of every startup. Don’t fall victim to poor task allocation and scheduling during the early stages. Using a comprehensive booking and scheduling system will serve to maximize productivity and facilitate your company’s expansion.

6. Capitalizing on New Leads.

Making it easier for new leads to book appointments with your staff will encourage higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. Don’t make your potential customers jump through hoops and wait on the phone just to setup an initial consultation.

7. Making it Easy for Clients to Book Their Own Appointments Online.

Finally, perhaps the main reason to use an online booking system is to give your clients the option to book their own appointments and service dates without taking up the time of your employees. Why devote time and effort to booking appointments when the clients can do that themselves and most of them would probably prefer it that way anyway?

Are There Any Good Reasons NOT to Use a Booking System?

In closing, can you think of a good reason for any busy startup to not use an online booking and scheduling system? Any business that regularly books appointments or has deadlines to meet should certainly consider the seven reasons mentioned above when deciding whether this strategic addition is worth their time.