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Fine-Tune Your Relationship Skills To Avoid A Communication Breakdown


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Communication is such a vast tool in the workplace. It is what will help you develop relationships with customers, potential business partners, and your employees. It is undeniable that it is the most essential skill in your toolbox. You need to develop it constantly so your business can develop! There are so many different ways that you can use communication to grow your business.

Here are a few ways:

Having An Open Door Policy With Your Employees.

If you want to develop a rapport with colleagues and the like, this is a great place to start. Having an open door policy is a quality that people will look at and try to emulate themselves. It is a wonderful way to develop relationships with your staff. As they will feel that they can discuss issues of a personal nature without worrying that they will either be turned away. Or that they are made to feel they are an unimportant member of staff.  This can be an issue when it comes to trust. And it can have negative repercussions down the line regarding relationships in the workplace. Not only this, but it can also leave you negatively impacted because your image is compromised. This also has a great effect on your networking capabilities.

For example, if you are running a trade show, you need to able to liaise with the staff and get your products displayed prominently. Additional info on trade shows and how to work with people in this environment can be found at www.steelheadproductions.com/blog/learn-tradeshows-101/.

This is always a skill that you can learn to fine tune.

Having an open door policy is opening the door to trust from your colleagues.

Become An “Active Listener”.

This is a trait of many world leaders.  Abraham Lincoln was described to be a very attentive listener in conversations. And this is something that you need to apply in your day to day conversations with other staff members. It is a very simple approach, but one that is very effective. You know when someone is not listening to you because of certain things they display. Such as not looking at you completely or not giving you their undivided attention.  This can be very frustrating, and it doesn’t endear them to you.  So you can change this. Pay complete attention to the person when they speak to you. This will save lots of time in communication but will also improve the bond between you and the employee.

What Does The Employee Want? Make Sure That You Work With Them To Address Their Needs.

You are running an organization, and with that comes the overused saying “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” This doesn’t help with an employee of a sensitive disposition. You do have a duty of care towards your employees. So if they come to you with a problem that may impact on the business, for example, anxiety which is impacting on their ability to work, then you need to establish what their needs are.  If you work with them, instead of against them, this will help the relationship between the employee and the employer.