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How To Successfully Secure Contracts With The Help Of Bid Writing


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As a business owner, you understand the importance of being able to attract clientele. Landing contracts can be essential to growing your list of customers and ensuring the development of your business. Whether your business provides services or products for government entities, private organisations or other businesses, the benefits that come with securing and completing a contract, such as a steady flux of capital, a favourable reputation in your industry, professional references and future business opportunities, can make the process of bid writing more than worth your while.

What is Bid Writing?

Bid writing is a valuable business skill that allows you to submit a bid or proposal or express an interest in announcements or requests from potential clients looking for a particular service or product. It has become a customary practice in the business world and can help you cultivate a long list of clients. It uses superior writing and language skills to present tailored solutions that can meet specific needs or resolve problems. Bid writing is a process that entails:

  • A careful analysis of the bid request
  • An honest assessment of your business capabilities and resources
  • Attention to detail

Being able create a realistic bid that can secure a contact is the primary goal of writing a bid. There are different ways that this business skill can help you land the contracts you want for your business:

Sets Your Business Apart from the Others.

Bidding for business contracts is a competitive field in which other businesses that have characteristics similar to yours will be vying for the same contract. Bid writing allows you to highlight the aspects of your business that distinguishes it from the competition. This can include detailing previously completed and successful projects or contracts similar to the one to which you are applying, industry accreditations or relevant awards.

Requires You to Get to Know Your Business Better.

Writing a bid can help you take an introspective and critical look at the goals and strategies you have established for your business. Clearly identifying the strengths of your business and the areas that require improvement can be easier to accomplish if you are compelled to examine them from the perspective of a buyer or client. Even if the company to which you are bidding decides to award the contract to another, you will have gained valuable insight into your business that you can successfully put to use the next time you have to write a bid.

Allows You to Engage with the Client.

It is sometimes necessary to contact a potential client and request clarification regarding certain aspect of a contract. This is an opportunity that can be used to demonstrate that you are proactive and have a genuine interest in understanding the client and the scope of their needs. It allows you to make a positive first impression that you can build upon with a professionally written bid that details how your business is the best candidate for the contract.

Provides the Opportunities to Make Valuable Connections.

By investing in bid writing training, you can also enhance the profile of your business. A well-written bid can make a positive impression whether the contract is awarded to you or not. You will still have made a professional contact and established a professional relationship which you can build upon to secure future contracts. Bid writing allows you to promote the brand of your company, attracting the attention of potential clients who are seeking the same services or products your business provides.

Bid writing is a lengthy process that can be a costly investment and can occupy valuable resources. However, the benefits you will reap will make it more than worthy business tool to have.

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