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Capital Idea! Unconventional Ways Of Getting Capital



A lot of people think they know the right ways to get investments. They usually think of very formal, very rigid methods of getting the capital they need to pursue a project or start a business. But getting capital can often be achieved through some unconventional ways. As you’ve probably guessed, we’re going to take a look at some of the more unconventional ways in this article.

Family and friends.

This is probably the most underrated option of the lot. It can be easy enough to assume that if you don’t have the money you need already that people in your family are unlikely to have it either. Of course, that’s not the only reason people don’t ask friends and family. People feel awkward or embarrassed doing so. They also feel like they’re putting their loved ones in an awkward position. But it’s worth a shot! Treat the other party like a professional, and pitch to them as such. You may be surprised at who has a reserve of cash and believes in your dream.


This is an option that’s probably the most overrated. I say this not because there’s an intrinsic problem with crowdfunding itself; far from it. Because it’s distinctly modern and takes place online, it carries an “anyone can do it” vibe. Crowdfunding sites are flooded with people who assume it’s easy to get the necessary funds this way. It’s definitely something you should look into, but you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to make it work.


The act of funding a pursuit yourself is known as bootstrapping. And it could very well be something you’ve written off. But it’s something you should be considering. If you don’t have the necessary funds at the moment, then you can look into ways of expanding your current reserve. One of the best ways of doing that is in trading. Of course, it’s a risky game, and probably only something you should do if you have a backup plan. You should do your research thoroughly to find out what risks you’ll be taking on. Research can also reveal better methods of trading to you. There’s the Brit method, for example.


Getting a government grant for a project is, admittedly, rare. The chances are slim that your project would meet the criteria. But, of course, it depends on what your project is. An invention for entertainment purposes probably isn’t going to make the cut. But if your project can aid the public in a substantial way? Then it’s worth looking into. Research government grants to find out if your pursuit could fit the bill.

Angel investors.

People often think that angel investors and regular investors are basically the same thing. After all, isn’t any investor an “angel”? Well, angel investors refer to a very specific type of investor. Angel investment is easily the best way of getting the money you need – but it’s also very difficult. Find out as much as you can about angel investing. It could be the right way for you to get your project or small business started.