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Do Your Customers Hate Your Brand? Here’s Where You Are Going Wrong


Developing a Brand

Building a thriving brand is nothing short of a challenge for most of us. It takes a lot of time, effort, and indeed money to grow a business. The trouble is, some entrepreneurs are in danger of alienating their brands. What’s worse is they don’t even know why or how they are doing that!

What might be the reasons customers hate your brand, I hear you ask. Well, it turns out some are quite obvious, and the other seem a little strange (but valid). Here are some of the top reasons why your customers might go elsewhere:

Perceived value is small.

Believe it or not, people don’t always want stuff because it’s cheap! Consumers buy products and services because of their perceived value. If what you offer to your audience has little value, they are unlikely to buy those items.

You appear too corporate.

No-one is expecting you to change your brand image and be a “cool” company that everyone loves. You will doubtless have a target audience in mind for what you offer. But, if you seem too corporate to your audience, they won’t feel connected with your brand.

You don’t care about your customers.

In your mind, you might think that it’s not all about getting the sales in. However, if your customers think otherwise, it’s obvious you have a customer service issue. And it’s one you need to tackle sooner rather than later!

Your logo doesn’t tell people about your brand.

A logo is a quick and straightforward way to help people identify with a brand and what it offers. If yours doesn’t relate to what you do, your customers will become confused. Follow these tips to create a kick-ass logo for your brand to solve that problem:

Infographic By Brand Strategy Agency