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Tips To Find A Top Workers Compensation Lawyer


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If you have been injured while on the job and need to hire a workers compensation lawyer you should first educate yourself about some of the laws in regards to workers compensation claims. The country has specific laws governing the claim process, which a qualified and knowledgeable attorney, like the ones at Woodgrange Solicitors will understand. When you begin your search for a workers compensation attorney, you should use some tips found here to help expedite your search.

Contact Professional Organizations.

When you begin your search for a qualified workers compensation attorney, you should begin by checking with your local bar association, where you can find individuals in your area. In some cases, a general Internet search will suffice however be weary of flashy ads with “guarantees,” as there are no absolute guarantees in a workers comp case.

You can also ask friends, family or co-workers who may have been faced with a workers comp case previously for the name of the attorney they used. This can provide you useful insight to the capabilities of the attorney and whether or not they will be right for your case.

Contact more than One Attorney.

You should schedule consultations with more than one attorney. A quality workers comp attorney will not charge any type of fee for this initial consultation. During the meeting, you will need to disclose the details about your case to the attorney so they can determine if they can represent your case. You will also need to ask questions regarding the background of the workers compensation attorney. If you find that this consultation cannot be scheduled in a prompt manner, it may mean that the lawyer is extremely busy and unable to take on your case.

The Decision Process.

After this initial consultation, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind to determine if they are the lawyer that you want to hire.

  • The background of the worker including their biographical information, as well as whether or not the attorney holds a state issued license;
  • Does the office represent the employees or employers of a workers compensation case;
  • Does the lawyer pay close attention to you during the meeting, or seem distracted by other things;
  • Are you comfortable with the lawyer you are considering using;
  • Is the office staff friendly and accommodating, since you will be interacting with them on a regular basis?

It is also important to ask each of the attorney’s you interview for references and a retainer agreement. In most cases the fees that the attorney charges will be determined by the state that you are being represented in. You should also ask about any additional fees that the attorney charges, including copying, witness fees and court reporters.

Finding a qualified attorney that you are comfortable with can be the difference in a successful and unsuccessful outcome for your workers compensation case. Remember, taking the time to find the proper representative will ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to for an injury that was incurred while on the job.