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Small Business Soirees: How To Hold A Spectacular Corporate Event



As a small business, you’ll want to get your name out there and make as big an impact as you can. Do it right and you can build on some fantastic in-house PR by acting creatively and catching the eye of prospective clients. Small businesses should also bear in mind that it pays to look after their valuable employees.
So today we’re going to look at two different types of corporate events and how you can put on a spectacular show. The first is to show your appreciation to your staff by providing a magical Christmas party. And the second way is by executing a show-stopping event to show you value existing customers and also bring in new business leads.

Christmas Corporate Magic.

Why throw a staff Christmas party? Well, no matter how big or small your company, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate your staff. A Christmas party is a great way to show them you are grateful for the hours they put in, and any overtime accumulated. And what better time than the end of the year to commemorate your successes as a team, and look forward to another year of productive business. Make yours the highlight of the social calendar and enjoy some well-deserved downtime with all your staff. Whether you have an established company or are the manager of a fresh new start-up, a Christmas party should be done with pizzazz. Choose a venue that evokes the nature of your business. This could be a country hotel, an intimate art gallery or a luxury restaurant with a private dining area. Think about whether you want to also include a theme for decorative purposes and dressing up. If you work in travel, this could be a particular destination such as Brazil or Mexico. If your company is fashion, you could choose an era such as the roaring twenties or the neon eighties. If you’re a tech company, you could choose a Pacman theme or perhaps Super Mario.

Think outside the box and allow your staff to get creative. Or, if you want black tie, you could go along the popular lines of a Casino/James Bond or Film Noir theme. Next up, work out your catering budget. If it’s a small company, you may choose to have a sit-down meal. Or perhaps opt for the tasting menu with suggested wines delivered at each course. A larger company may benefit from cocktail canapés, Champagne, and a late night buffet. You’ll also want to set the mood with dazzling entertainment. Make sure you provide a show stopping act alongside some great interactive activities that will create great opportunities for photos. Consider fire performers as a main act that will set sparks flying. Or maybe hire a live band for the evening or an electrifying magician.

Photo booths are bang on trend at the moment, and certain companies can even build awesome Christmas styled indoor crazy golf courses. For added fun add some incentives for joining in on the games and also prize draws for things such as the best dressed or best dance move of the night. Ultimately, a staff Christmas event should be a chance to relax, kick back and enjoy your colleague’s company.

New Business And Customer Loyalty Events.

There are certain times in business that it pays to organize a corporate event. Such times are there to show your appreciation for customer loyalty or are put in place to bring in new business. If you are launching a new product or new website, gain valuable publicity by having a corporate event for existing customers and potential leads. If you’re a start up, this does not have to blow the budget. You can work with spaces such as small art galleries and warehouses to host a smaller soiree. These will enable you to promote your product launch in a refined and elegant setting.

Use the powers of social media to spread the word. And send out invitations to journalists, local companies and PR’s that you think are useful to your business. Having an intimate cocktail party is a superb way to get your brand name out there.

But don’t think it’s going to be easy! It requires pretty tight organizational skills to host such an event. First, you need to figure out your main objective. Are you promoting a new product? Do you want to get your brand name out there? Are you looking to build your customer database? Answering these questions will enable you to work out who you want to put on the guest list. Your business may be suited to an evening party, but if it’s more artistic or crafty, it may be better suited to a creative workshop day. A workshop party could be anything from teaching photography skills to creative writing. Or decorating plates to building a mean Lego machine. Sometimes it pays to be imaginative and set yourself apart. You are in no way limited to a boozy night time party! If you want to connect with potential clients, a summer garden party may be more beneficial than an evening do. Your main priority is to think about what kind of ‘Wow’ factor you can create. And to concentrate on keeping the catering budget down. Venues can often seem affordable, but in-house catering can be ghastly expensive. So always bear this in mind when organizing a product launch or new business corporate event.

However, in this day and age, there are so many options for hosting a party with a  difference. It may work in your favor to ask a local coffee house if you can host an after-hours event. Or perhaps rent a luxurious Air BnB for an intimate gathering. If you are worried about budget, you can also consider looking into getting local business sponsors on board who may benefit from the publicity as well. Your main aim with a new business or customer loyalty event is to see an ROI. So always keep this at the forefront when you are organizing your swish soiree. 


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