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Office Life Made Easier: A Few Simple Suggestions


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Some things in life have to be hard in order to be worthwhile. A workout that doesn’t make your break into a sweat probably isn’t doing much good for your health and fitness. A two ingredients cake is unlikely to be delicious as a more complex one. But in business, and in the office more specifically, not everything has to be hard.

So, how can you make office life easier? Here are a handful of simple solutions you can put into practice pretty much immediately. Read on to find out:

For issues with your software…

Upgrade your software.

There will be a lot in the office that you are in charge of. For example, you might be the most efficient spreadsheet maker on your whole floor. However, there will always be other things that you are not in charge of. So, even if you are a speedy spreadsheet maker? You can’t help it if your computer is so old it always crashes, or if the software is outdated and slow! So, get your computers upgraded and the software too! While you’re doing this, look for new software that can make you life easier. So, inventory system software, for example, can automate the hardest jobs and improve efficiency at the same time. Sounds idyllic, right?

For issues with your colleagues.

Tackle them head on.

Whether it’s just someone you don’t like, or a serious case of workplace harassment, issues with colleagues need tackling head on. If left undealt with, they are very unlikely to go away, and far more likely to get worse.

For issues with your workload.

Speak formally and firmly with your manager.

Just as you should speak to your manager if there is an issue with your workload, you should also speak to them about issues with your workload. It is often the case that when a manager sees a staff performing well, they begin to give them extra responsibilities. While this might be an exciting thing for the staff member, and can be seen as flattering, there is a line. If this line is crossed, the worker can quickly feel exhausted and even taken advantage of. So, if they are putting too much on your plate, speak with them. But don’t just do it casually, over lunch, or you’re at risk of not being taken seriously. Set aside time for a formal meeting and explain tactfully but clearly what the issue is, and how you propose resolving it. Perhaps an assistant would help?

For issues with your schedule.

Pitch the idea of flexi-working.

From mothers and fathers to people with very specific types of hobbies, interest or second jobs. Many office workers crave a more flexible schedule. This might allow different hours, or a few days a week working at home. If you are one of them, pitch the idea to your employees or team leader. Advancements in technology means that you don’t need to be in the same office as your colleagues and files like you did before. Nowadays, the Cloud allows you to access your files from pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.