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3 Reasons Assertiveness Is So Important for Freelancers



The evolution of the modern economy, across the globe, has created a massive number of new opportunities for freelancers. Not only are more jobs available, freelancing positions now span across all industries allowing people to work from virtually anywhere in the world. This opportunity for people to basically own their own business, while offering their services for a number of different clients is something that offers a huge number of benefits.

However, while there are all these benefits offered, it does not mean that freelancing doesn’t come with its own challenges. In order to overcome these challenges, it is crucial that freelancers are assertive in regard to what they need and want from their clients, before, during and after any project is done. Some of the main reasons that assertiveness is so important for freelancers can be found here.

It Shows Your Confidence in Your Abilities.

As with any type of relationship, regardless of if it is business or personal based, you become much more intriguing as a person when you show that you are confident in the abilities that you have. When you have to deal with a client, being assertive also makes others feel good about themselves, since they know they are speaking with someone who is confident they will be able to get the job done properly.

It Makes it More Comfortable to Discuss Fees and Rates.

There are too many freelancers who clearly outline their rates on their website or when speaking with a client only to have them turn around and ask that the rate is reduced. In most situations, the freelancer is compelled to say yes, simply because they want the job. However, other business owners don’t even offer rate negotiation, so why should you?

What should happen in these scenarios, rather than backing off of the established rates, is to let a client know that reducing the prices you have stated is not an option. Be confident enough to discuss the issue with them. Don’t be scared to ask them what they would do if you requested they reduced their prices. This is a great, assertive way to make your point.

Get Ahead of Your Competition.

It is important to mention that a large number of freelancers that clients deal with will not be extremely assertive. While you may believe this is a disadvantage if you are the one that is confident and assertive, it will actually serve as a huge benefit and give you a unique way to separate you from your competition.

After all, wouldn’t you feel better and more comfortable working with someone who is confident in their abilities and who runs their freelancing business just like a small business owner runs theirs? There is no question that in the freelancing world, being assertive is essential and it will help you get further than those with more passive approaches to their work.


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