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Playster CEO Philip Keezer’s Best Advice For Entrepreneurs


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Everyone knows that running your very own business is not easy. There are hundreds of factors you need to consider and countless things you need to keep track of to ensure that your startup grows and evolves to become a successful business.

Everything from choosing what business you actually want to be in to designing a logo, deciding on your company name, hiring the right people and coming up with a solid business plan are integral components that will determine your brand’s future. And they’re by no means the only ones.

One person who knows all too well about the ups and downs of starting a company and building it from the ground up is Montreal-based entrepreneur Philip Keezer. After having successfully founded and grown numerous businesses, he decided to follow his passion and start his ultimate dream company in 2014. That’s when Playster – the world’s first all-in-one entertainment streaming service – was born.

The idea is so logical, it’s a surprise it hasn’t been done before. “I wanted to make entertainment more accessible and affordable for everyone and found that the best way to do that was to bring all types of media, from audiobooks to movies, together in one service,” explains Keezer. “We want our customers to have everything in one place, so that they never again have to be stuck searching around for things to read, watch or listen to for hours on end or, worse, find themselves struggling to remember a bunch of usernames and passwords.”

These are just some of the perks of Playster and, believe it or not, there is yet another aspect of the service that users are responding to even more strongly: unlimited access to entertainment in exchange for one set monthly price.

“There is nothing worse than trying to keep track of different plan prices and worrying about going over your limit and dealing with surprise costs,” says Philip Keezer. “When we started Playster, I knew that I wanted to get rid of all streaming restrictions and charge a flat fee per month. The idea is that an entire family can share the service without ever having to keep tabs on what others’ are consuming.”

Having an innovative idea that shakes up the marketplace and its status quo is Philip Keezer’s No. 1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs. Without that, there is not much to build on. His other entrepreneurial tips include never being afraid of taking risks, making the most out of failure and always keeping in mind the fact that, as an entrepreneur, you’re the brand’s visionary and all team members need you to look to the future with a positive outlook or the business simply won’t move forward in the right direction.

Referring to an educational article in Entrepreneur titled ‘The 8 Biggest Challenges for New Entrepreneurs’, Philip Keezer stresses the importance of passion and confidence. As author Larry Alton writes, “as the founder of your startup, you’ll be expected to come up with the ideas. When a competitor emerges, it will be your responsibility to come up with a response plan. When your team hits an impenetrable obstacle, your job will be to come up with an alternative plan to move forward. This demands on-the-spot creative thinking – which should be an oxymoron, but entrepreneurs rarely have the luxury of time.”

Being able (and willing) to devote all of your time and energy to your business is yet another key factor that all entrepreneurs must consider. If you are not willing to work 14-hour days and wholeheartedly invest yourself in the project you set out on, you cannot expect to achieve game-changing results.

“A young business is like a child,” says Philip Keezer. “You need to be able to drop everything for your child and devote your time and attention to moulding them and helping them grow, excel and achieve their full potential. As an entrepreneur, you need to be nurturing to your business and be ready to stand by its side and protect it through thick and thin.”

Other than that, don’t forget to have fun! One of the reasons entrepreneurs go into business for themselves is to experience freedom and the chance to follow their dreams and do something they love. This is not a perk everyone is lucky enough to experience, so always remember: doing what you truly love means never having to work a day in your life!

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