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Three Strategies To Get Your Etsy Store Noticed


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Whether you are just looking to make a little extra money on the side, or you are trying to make selling your products on Etsy a full-time venture, without effective internet marketing, it can be difficult to get your products noticed. While there are many people on the internet looking for unique and beautiful products, there is also a multitude of people trying to sell their goods. That is why it is important to apply as many internet marketing strategies as you can to ensure that your Etsy store gets the attention that it deserves.

Below are listed three of the most effective tools you can use to get your products noticed:

Having an Attractive Store Presentation.

One of the most effective ways to catch a shopper’s attention is to have an appealing storefront. To achieve this, be sure to photograph your products in a professional and vibrant way. You want every detail of your product to stand out and to be in focus. This gives a sense of professionalism that will cause shoppers to feel good about buying the product. Another way to boost your store’s presentation is to design a logo and a recognizable theme for your business. Think about your image and what you wish to portray, and stick to this theme. Giving your store a unique ambience will cause your store to stay in the minds of previous and potential customers. Finally, make the packaging for shipping something unique that inspires feelings of excitement when it comes in the mail. Taking this simple step will keep your customers coming back for more.

Creatively Using Social Media.

Having an online store means that most of your potential clientele will be familiar with social media. However, this also most likely means that your customers will be desensitized by a constant barrage of advertisement. Therefore, it is important that you use a more personal and interesting way to use social media. One of the biggest mistakes that people make on social media is to only use their site for talking about their product. When this happens, your store becomes just another product trying to vie for attention. Instead, alternate any mention of your goods with interesting and “clickable” material. This can be anything from DIY articles, to something touching that you saw on the internet. Mix it up, and keep it fun!

Utilizing a Search Engine Optimization Company.

A Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) company, such as PlacementSEO, works with you to boost you higher in the ranking of popular search engines. Most shoppers use free browsing tools such as Google and Bing to find the product that they are looking for. The closer to the top of the page that your business is, the more likely they are to click on the link. These companies will use key words that accurately describe your business to generate more traffic to your store. You can also learn SEO yourself which will allow you to save money while helping better increase the organic traffic on your website. You can find an amazing resource here written by Link Almighty.
The most important thing is to be persistent! Building a business can take some time, but the rewards at the end are worth the effort!


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