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How To Get More Done With Simple Changes To The Workplace


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Everyone on some level can understand that their environment affects their ability to think and function. Put someone in a raucous setting and ask them to concentrate on learning something new and the likelihood of success is small. Put them in a setting like a library and they are more likely to understand what it is they are learning. The same goes for the workplace. Often, we get so focused on what it is we need to accomplish that the space where we excel most is an afterthought. You buy furniture and equipment for function rather than for the effect it will have on productivity.

Here are some suggestions on how you can make some simple changes and increase your productivity:

Simplify the workplace.

Cluttered workplaces tend to have an effect on the mind. Instead of having more stuff to get more done your mind gets anxious. When your mind gets anxious, you tend to concentrate on the wrong things. Try to make sure more of the tools are available online rather than on the desktop to remove some of the clutter. This is best accomplished when you find Internet at BroadbandSearch.net to increase how quickly you can access everything. Rather than sorting through everything to find what you’re looking for, you can simply go right where you need to be. Having a fast Internet connection is vital to that. Additionally, you can go without all the extra mess on your desk, so your mind is free to think.

Get back to nature.

While you cannot actually move your offices outside, you can make changes that will make you feel less like you’re in an office. After all, there have been studies in which office workers agreed that they would be more willing to stay longer in an environment they found appealing. One great way you can accomplish this is through the use of more light in the office and foliage. Hang a few landscape pieces on the wall. Install a waterfall just for the sound of the water (even a small one will do the trick). This will allow people to alleviate stress after encountering a particularly difficult and/or stressful task. It will return them to their center and make them more willing to jump right back in it.

Increase your comfort level.

Many upstarts tend to buy the furniture they can afford rather than the furniture you want. Try to think about your mindset whenever you come in and see that tired furniture every day. Remember this is the same mindset your employees will have when they see it. Did you know this is also the mindset your clients will have when they see your furniture? According to Entrepreneur, clients want to do business with people they like. Your clients will not only be impressed when they see a happy work environment in which there is less negativity, but they will be inclined to work with you.

As you see, you can not only elevate your mood, but you can increase your income by making these simple changes to the workplace. Implement these from the start and you will be on your way to having a business that will not only grow but will thrive.