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Nine Things Your Customers Actually Want From You

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So, you want to push your company up to the next level of success. You might even already know that the customer driven method is the most effective method of doing that. But what do customers actually want? How do you actually follow in the example of great companies with loyal customers?

In this article, we’re going to look at just a few answers to those questions:

A story.

People like to have a narrative to go with their life. About who they are, the work they do and even the products they buy. If you have a context to put your business into, people will have all the more reason to pay attention to you. A powerful brand is one that tells a story. However, you should steer clear of false marketing spiels. If your story isn’t authentic, people are going to be able to tell. Tell the actual story of your business and the people working in it. If you have values, let them shine through in your branding.


A story is all well and good, but it needs to be backed up by an efficient service. A company that can deliver when it says it will deliver. A business that runs well. People want reliable services, which means efficient business practices. Make sure that your business has a handbook to systematize the goings-on behind the scenes. Use modern technology to cut down the time and effort that many of your day-to-day tasks will take. Prioritize efficient delivery and reliable services if you want to keep the customer’s trust.

Quality of service, not quantity.

As far at the services you deliver, you can’t ignore the customer service side of it. One of the approaches that a lot of companies wrongly take is the idea that ‘less is more’. In terms of providing service to customers, that’s not always true. They don’t people to give them quick answers. They want people to take the time to really address their issues with quality communication. Don’t be flippant with your audience and don’t be dismissive. Answers up front are good, but taking the time to communicate those answers with them properly is better.

The personal touch.

It’s not just the time that you should put into communications, but also a personal touch. For example, sending handwritten thank you notes with the product. Using their name and making sure you know the customers you’re talking to. Even telling customer services to refer to them by name. In a world where corporate giants are happy to say goodbye to customers to say hello to the next, the personal touch can be a very nice surprise. It also builds the kind of returning customer relationship that you want to foster for your company.


Nowadays, people are starting to focus on more than just the products and services that they receive. They’re also starting to care about the processes of how they get them. Of how sustainable and ethical those practices are. As we’ve said, the values of a company can create the story that shines through its branding. This story sourced from the LA Times shows just that. Of how the story of one company fighting bad odds to produce more sustainable products ended up so successful it led a growing trend. Sustainability. Social ethics. Civic responsibility. These are things that people care about.


The ethics based part of your customer driven focus should obviously focus on your customers themselves, as well. Nowadays, people are likely to think of marketers as snake oil salesmen. You have to fight an uphill battle to gain their trust. But it’s important the practices of your company meet the image that you present. That you show responsible use of their details and deliver nothing but what you promised to. Even showing the human side of your business, like the staff involved in the company, can foster trust. The corporate image isn’t always the best one to give off.


You don’t want them to just think you’re trustworthy, either. You want them to see value in not only buying from you, but doing it repeatedly. This is where instilling loyalty comes in. Not just through your branding but through real efforts to retain them as a customer. One easy way to do this is by setting up a customer rewards scheme. Like a loyalty card. Customers are happy to join these systems, but only if they’re made easy enough to join. Keep them intuitive, keep them valuable. Offer unique rewards as well as lower prices.


This is something that everyone wants from their businesses. It’s the idea that they’re dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing. A specialist. Someone with expertise. You need to find the ways to demonstrate that before you’ve made your first sale. Getting involved in the industry and taking your business on the road with trade shows and demonstrations is one way. Another way that you can brand yourself as an expert is through content marketing. Through producing content not only designed to sell, but to inform and help people as well. Show that you really are the authority you need to be.


If there’s one thing that the customer loves, it’s keeping things simple. Whether this is getting in touch with customer service or taking part in your rewards scheme. Note that simplicity isn’t always boiled down to the amount of time spent. Rather, it’s how intuitive interacting with your business is. It’s how easy they can understand what they’re being offered and how to take advantage of it. If you’re building an ecommerce store, you need your customers to be able to navigate it with ease. They’re less likely to complete a purchase the more steps involved in it, after all.

We hope the points above have helped. The market isn’t always the same, particularly depending on what industry you are in. However, use these points as a guideline to develop your own strategies and you should do just fine.


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