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What Sort Of Career Can You Have If You Study IT At College?


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Information technology (IT) is a job field which offers plenty of opportunities. If you enjoy IT, and would like a change of career, the maybe you want to find yourself a job in this area. The good news is that you can complete any required study you might need to change jobs, with an online provider. This means that you can still keep your current job and fit studying in around it. Being able to do this helps you to manage financially while you are studying.

There are several different IT related courses available. All you have to do is choose the course which best relates to do the job you are hoping to get. If you have not decided which is the best IT related job for you then we are going to give you an idea of just a few of the jobs you may want to consider:

Applications developer.

Many businesses around the world are now employing applications developers. If you think this sounds like a role you may be interested in then you probably want to know what sort of tasks you will be expected to complete. These tasks include:

  • Working out requirements for programmes.
  • Working as a part of a team on a project.
  • Problem solving and solution creation.
  • Designing and testing programmes
  • Putting programmes into production.

Obviously, there is more to the job than this but these are some of the main tasks you will face as an applications developer. The financial reward for the work is good; you can expect to earn around AU$67,000 as an average salary.

Database administration.

Working as a database administrator is a very hands on role. You have to ensure that the databases the business uses are functioning as they should be. You will also often be involved in creating new databases to suit the requirements of the business. If you decide that this role is for you then you can expect to be faced with tasks including:

  • Creating databases that work for the business.
  • Monitoring databases to ensure they work efficiently.
  • Making sure that the standard of data is maintained.
  • Ensuring the security of the databases.

These are some of the main tasks you will be expected to perform in return for an average salary of around AU$71,000.

Working in information security.

If you are looking for an interesting role in the world of IT then you may want to consider IT security. The role is something like being a detective. You are tasked with identifying if there have been any breaches to system security and fixing them as appropriate. This involves carrying out tasks such as:

  • Checking for potential risks.
  • Working to keep business systems secure.
  • Testing systems with ethical hacking.
  • Completing forensic analysis of computer systems.

This is a really interesting job in the world of IT and it comes with an average salary of around AU$77,000.

As you can see, if you have IT skills it’s certainly possible to change your career path and put them to good use. You just need to develop your skills by taking a course here at Upskilled. You can then put the training to good use when changing your career.


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